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Sign Up Drivers to Ridesharing Service


You want to save yourself some time and also spare your future drivers all the registration and verification hassle? It is possible to have a quick and effective sign-up, with all the steps included: driver information, verification, and onboarding essentials.

The following example case will show how to use the Infobip platform, together with our solutions Conversations and Moments (early access), and WhatsApp messages as a communication channel, to quickly sign up new drivers and verify their information. This communication flow is a perfect fit for situations where drivers enter their contact telephone number using your web app but do not immediately follow through with the registration.

Process Workflow

driver registration process on cpaas



There are three possible ways to track customer actions/events: JavaScript SDK, mobile SDK, or via API. In this use case, tracking events with JavaScript SDK is required. The instructions and code are available inside the WebSDK library on our web interface (Target module > Events > Web SDK).

installing web sdk library

tracking events via web sdk


Event tracking is possible when customers are logged in to your website.

Before you start building the automated flow, go to the Target module on our web interface, and create the New Event Definition. In this case, you could use registrationStarted as an event that will trigger other actions in the communication flow. (You will need to do the same for every event you plan to add to your communication.)

creating event definition id

Once the New Event Definition has been created and you get your definition ID, go back to the Web SDK library and copy the tracking method code to the body of your website.

js call for events


Mobile SDK is another way you can track events in this scenario.

Steps Over Web Interface

1. After logging in to the Infobip web interface, select Communicate > CREATE FLOW > Start from Scratch. Next, click Trigger > People Real-Time Event.

You have now created a foundation for a scenario where a future driver successfully finishes the entire registration process. But first, specify the event that starts it all: click on the green trigger and select RegistrationStarted (creating events inside the Target module is a prerequisite described earlier in this use case).

driver registration to ridesharing service

2. You will need another event – RegistrationFinished – that will inform you when the registration has been completed.

completing driver registration on ccaas

3. But, what happens if the driver does not finish the registration? You could wait one day (this option is available on the side panel when you click If none matched branch), and then send a WhatsApp message.

Use a WhatsApp entry point: Add New Entry point > Inbound Message. On the side panel, select WhatsApp and enter the keyword: IDENTIFY.

keyword for user registration

4. Send a WhatsApp message and choose the registration template.


For template registration, you need to provide template name, notification content, and language info, after which Infobip sends the template to WhatsApp for approval. Once registered on the WhatsApp platform, templates for your account get a unique template namespace.

sending whatsapp for user registration

This is what the canvas will look like after you add the message:

messaging user during registration

4. To continue the communication based on customer responses, go for Evaluate inbound WhatsApp message and create keywords READY and STOP for situations where the candidate is ready to continue or stop the registration.

keywords in communication with users on ccaas

  1. If the driver replies with STOP, send another WhatsApp message letting them know that they can continue registration at any time: Ok, anytime you're ready you can just type the word IDENTIFY.
  2. If the driver replies with READY, follow up with instructions in another WhatsApp message. Select the Text template to acknowledge the driver`s response with something simple: Okay, great! First, type in the message your first name. The last name will be collected in a separate message.

5. For drivers from the group b, who are ready to go ahead with the registration, include Evaluate inbound WhatsApp for both messages (one for first name response and the second one for the last name). This is what you need to do in the side panels:

  • Select Any keyword and then variable: Name, String. Select Message content.
  • Select  Any keyword and then last_name, String, and Message content.

With the Update person profile element, you will be able to actually record their first and last name. Person attributes either exist in Target already or you have to create the new ones and then automatically update them using this element.

update user attributes on cpaas

6. You are almost there! Send the final WhatsApp message (the type of the message is Text):

For the last step, you will be redirected to one of our agents for data verification. Thank you!

Now redirect the driver to a live agent using Conversations. Select Start a Conversation element.

user registration via ccaas

Create the Data Verification tag, so the agent knows they need to collect identification card images.

conversation tag on cpaas

7. VALIDATE AND LAUNCH! The customer is redirected to an agent, and the agent helps with the completion of the onboarding process.

conversation between agent and user on ccaas

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