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Provide Support via Most Easily Available Channel

Conversations use case - Support via Most Suitable Channel high-level overview

A company has customer care department and they want to talk to clients on their preferred channels of communication. Also, in some occasions, the agent can detect that another channel might be more suitable for the client in a given moment and can transfer the conversation to that channel. For example, a customer reaches out to the customer service over SMS, but they are in roaming and the agent realizes that an internet channel would be less expensive, so he transfers the conversation to Viber.

This use case will show the use of omnichannel communication, where the agent can switch between SMS and Viber channels in order to save money for the user and make the conversation a more enjoyable experience.


Process Workflow

Conversations use case - Support via Most Suitable Channel process workflow


You need to have Conversations enabled on your Infobip account, alongside with Viber and SMS channels, in order for this scenario to work.

Steps over Web Interface

1. The Agent is logged in to the web interface and is in the Conversations module.

2. An incoming message sent over the SMS channel arrives to the Conversations module. The message refers to the fact that the customer is out of the country and wants to reschedule the delivery of his order.


3. The agent realizes that the customer is in roaming and to save him money he would spend on sending an SMS, switches the channel to Viber.

Conversations use case - agent switch to Viber

4. The agent responds to the customer using Viber as the channel and explains the reasons for changing the channel.

Conversations use case - agent responds via Viber

5. The customer is satisfied with the change and the conversation is continued using Viber as the channel. The customer’s delivery is rescheduled, and his problem is now successfully solved.

Conversations use case - customer replies via Viber

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