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Automate your lead generation process by providing information about properties via chatbot

Help customers reserve appointments in the most convenient way whether it is via chatbot or a messaging channel with agent help.

Send interactive message templates to your customers when they create an account on your website.

Conversational commerce at its finest – recommended products and quick payment via link.

Use a virtual assistant to help customers get roadside assistance, schedule repairs, or test and buy a car

Notify your clients that their credit card has been sent and allow them to active the credit card online once they receive it.

Add a delivery tracking option to your order confirmation notifications to give customers all the information they need in one place.

Easily resolve any customer complaints regarding their orders with the help of Shopify integration with Conversations.

Make your employees feel safe and engaged with relevant back to the office information

Continue driver registration with WhatsApp messages and complete it via our cloud contact center.

Use WhatsApp message templates to send verification codes to your customers.

Provide info about tickets, refunds, etc. to your customers, via chatbot or with the help of an agent

Use Media Message Templates to send return shipping labels to your customers.

Send relevant information to your customers regarding their orders.

Use Media Message Templates to send order delivery confirmation to your customers.

Use Media Message Templates to send videos to your customers.

Use API to notify your customers where their package or item has been delivered by sharing the delivery location.

Use media message templates to send e-receipts over WhatsApp after a customer makes a purchase.

Use WhatsApp media message templates to send invoices as documents in a WhatsApp message.

Use WhatsApp media message templates to send a boarding pass in a WhatsApp message.

Use media message templates to send e-tickets in a WhatsApp message immediately following a purchase.

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