WhatsApp Opt-in

WhatsApp Business requires user opt-ins, for both your new and existing customers.

This means that your customers must give consent to receive messages from you via WhatsApp. Also, you are responsible for storing their opt-ins.

Opt-In Requirements 

  • Business must clearly state that customer is opting in to receive messages from the business over WhatsApp.  
  • Business must clearly state the business’ name that a person is opting in to receive messages from  
  • Business must comply with applicable law 

For a detailed guide on WhatsApp opt-ins, refer to our blog posts titled How to Collect WhatsApp Business Opt-ins.

Third-Party Channels Opt-In Options

The best way to invite your customers to opt in for receiving notifications over WhatsApp is to reach out to them over the channels you currently use to communicate with them.

SMS, voice messages, or ATM notifications will easily grab their attention and help you get an immediate response.

Proactive Usage of SMS to Get the Immediate Opt-In

Use SMS to initiate a conversation.

Offer a simple one-click opt-in over SMS with a direct link to WhatsApp. Once they click on the link, it is considered as immediate consent for using WhatsApp as a channel for future notifications. Then customers are redirected to the “Thank You for Your Opt-In” page and you can start sending notifications to your customers over WhatsApp.

Use Voice IVR to Automate the Opt-In Process

Call your customers using the IVR functionality and enable a simple opt-in for your users.

How does this work?

When the customer receives the IVR message, they are asked to give consent by pressing a certain number.

To avoid any misunderstandings, before ending the call, we advise you to ask your customers to confirm their choice once again. Once they confirm their opt-in, the customers will immediately receive a “Thank You message” on their WhatsApp.

Collect Opt-Ins over ATMs

When it comes to the banking industry, ATMs are an interesting communication channel. They are a great way to inform customers about new offers while they wait for their transaction to be processed. They’re also a channel for opt-in collection.

Give your customers the opportunity to provide simple opt-ins for their balance notifications simply over an ATM and later, receive them over WhatsApp.

Web Opt-In

Invite Customers to Subscribe for WhatsApp Directly from Your Homepage

Web opt-in is an easy way to invite your existing and new customers to subscribe to receive important updates and notifications over WhatsApp Business. 

We advise you to collect opt-ins over a pop-up screen. Combine this with taking them to a “Thank You!” landing page and confirming their opt-in. You can also use your social media accounts to inform your customers that they can now receive notifications over WhatsApp.


When inviting them to opt in, you are required to include the WhatsApp logotype.

Custom Landing Page

Another option for collecting opt-ins is to design a specific landing page for this purpose only.

Inform your customers about this option and invite them to subscribe—you can invite them on social media, use your home page or communicate this option in a newsletter. Include a CTA button with a direct link to your opt-in landing page.

To give consent, customers have to enter their phone number on the landing page after which they will be re-directed to your “Thank You” page. This option should be available both for web and mobile users.


If you are communicating an explicit number where your customers can reach you directly (e.g., call center) over WhatsApp, please note that this is not considered a customer opt-in. You aren’t allowed to contact this person again unless this person initiates a conversation

Opt-In as a Part of an Existing Process Flow

Implement opt-ins as a part of your existing process flow and enable your users to be notified over WhatsApp.

When they opt in, your customers can receive notifications or important updates directly through their favorite communication channel.

You can use WhatsApp to send:

  • Order confirmations
  • Boarding passes
  • Delivery notifications
  • Other important notifications

When inviting customers to opt in, you are required to include the WhatsApp logotype.

WhatsApp Included in Your Sign-In and Contact Forms

When signing in or when filling out contact forms, businesses usually offer to choose their preferred way of communication.

If you’re using this approach, include WhatsApp as a new communication channel for your customers. Add it to your sign-up form for new customers and inform existing customers that this option is now available.

For customers to opt in and receive updates over WhatsApp, they need to enable this option on their account settings. You can also use a pop-up notification with a direct link to the settings page where they can change their preferred communication channel to WhatsApp.


When inviting to opt in, you are required to include the WhatsApp logotype.