Young Coders Program

Summer Apprenticeship Program for third year undergraduates

Willing to enrich your academic knowledge? How do you feel about finally gaining that practical knowledge in software development from a true IT company? Experience what it means to be part of small, agile teams and learn the basics of on-hand programming as part of a company touching more than half the world’s population with their technologies – you’ll be getting exactly that as part of the Infobip Summer apprenticeship!

Summer Apprenticeship Program?

A program which represents up to three months of working in one of our dev teams, developing in-house products under the mentorship of experienced IT experts. Within this three month-long experience you will learn the basics of programing while working on challenging tasks.


Our Summer Apprenticeship Program was created for students in their final year of undergraduate studies at technical faculties who have a strong desire to learn, improve and develop their coding skills.


Throughout the program, you’ll add new coding skills, learn what it means to work with technologies that power more than 300 million messages per day and learn from the best developers in the region. Apart from the opportunity for professional growth, you’ll be working in a team-oriented, international environment, broadening your horizons for global software development. If you’re among the top of the class, you’ll have a chance to stay on and/or become Infobip scholars.

When and where?

July 1 – September 30, 2016 / Pula, Rijeka or Zagreb, Croatia


Internship payed in total, according to the number of working hours.

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Unfortunately, applications for this year's program have ended.
We do look forward to seeing you next year, so send us your CV!

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