How to make sure your holiday SMS gets delivered?

How do you choose the right provider for your SMS needs, one that can deliver your SMS on time, every time, especially during the holiday season.

December 17 2012

It’s that time of year again. As the holiday season heats up, there is plenty of work for messaging providers. Everyone wants to send their best wishes, promote shopping deals or events, and everyone needs to have their message delivered.

So how do you choose the right provider for your SMS needs, one that can deliver your SMS on time, every time? It can be tricky, but there are boxes that should be checked before you decide on one, and here are the four most important things to look for.


Infrastructure equals quality

The size and seriousness of a messaging provider is measured by how and how well they integrate their services with mobile operators. MNOs are the key ingredient in this business and the best way to achieve full integration with a mobile network is through SMSCs.

An SMS Centre is the key hardware element, responsible for processing and ultimately delivering texts to mobile phones. For a mobile services provider, having SMSCs deployed around the globe means having direct access to mobile operators and their SS7 network layer, the backbone of mobile telecommunications, and in turn, having the highest possible messaging quality.

Infobip owns and operates the world's largest non-operator telecoms network, entirely designed and developed by our own dev teams. Infobip’s infrastructure is optimised for A2P messaging traffic, which makes it unique in the world, and with over 15,000 satisfied clients and covering over 800 networks worldwide, it’s proven to work.


Coverage is more than networks

What SMSCs bring is not only quality, but also global coverage, enabling your message to be delivered to any network in the world, reliably and on time. With the world and the business as one big global village, coverage is more important than ever.

Coverage is not only about delivery, it's also about people. We strongly feel about having local presence in as many markets as possible, because knowing the specifics of each one is necessary for excellent customer service. With 18 regional and country offices on all continents, we're pretty well covered, but we won't stop there.


Business works 24/7, our support too

Once you get your global coverage and start sending messages around the world, you're just starting the business, and every business needs some sort of support. Having someone answer all your questions, resolve technical issues or provide vital information before you know you need it, can mean a world of difference in today's business.

Infobip Support works 24/7 and has a multilingual staff that knows every nook and cranny of our business – there's literally nothing they don't know or can't fix. We're proud of them and their reputation as the best support service in the industry, even though they prefer to keep a low profile.


The right price means everything

Everyone wants to get a deal. There's a feeling of triumph when you negotiate a rock-bottom price. But just like everywhere else, SMS is only as good as how much you're prepared to spend. Shady connections with no delivery reporting, customisable sender IDs or other features really can cost next to nothing. But can you risk not having your messages delivered? Especially during the holiday season?

Paying more gives you a quality guarantee and more importantly, gives you the guarantee that messages will be delivered like you intend them to. Our Service Level Agreements are your warranty when dealing with Infobip: we will deliver your messages anywhere, anytime. And that's what makes us the best.

We hope you've learned something about the messaging business and that we'll be hearing from you soon. We have the answers to all your questions when it comes to messaging, so contact us at or sign up now! Oh and yes, happy holidays!