Information Security Buzz: Silvio Kutic on key 2FA challenges

Infobip CEO Silvio Kutic contributed to the online security debate by discussing key aspects of 2FA implementation for Information Security Buzz.

October 06 2014

With Apple’s recent introduction of two-factor authentication, and the attention turned to online security, our CEO Silvio Kutic contributes to the debate by discussing key aspects of 2FA implementation.

Infobip specialises in a particular kind of 2FA - one that is based on delivering one-time PINs via SMS messages. Many partner companies, solution providers, aggregators, and brands use our global messaging platform to deliver SMS messages with one-time PINs to consumers around the world - instantly, reliably and to the best of industry standards, with an uptime of 99,99924%.

SMS-based 2FA means turning any mobile phone into an extra layer of online security. The approach is consumer-friendly and requires no additional hardware. It causes little disruption when rolled out to consumers, and it can be deployed by Internet giants far quicker than alternative methods.

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