Powering agile with quality feedback at the first Bosnia Agile Day

Our Software Engineers presented about providing quality feedback in Agile at the first-ever Bosnia Agile Day in Sarajevo.

December 08 2014

Infobippers Adnan Isajbegovic and Denis Rudonja played a major part in the first-ever Bosnia Agile Day 2014 in Sarajevo by boosting Agile methodologies in software development with the power of quality feedback.

This one-day conference was organised by Bosnia Agile, an organisation promoting agile methodologies in software development and management practice in Bosnia and Herzegovina. It gathered recognisable names such as Scott Ambler, founder of Disciplined Agile Delivery (DAD) - an agile decision process framework, who delivered the keynote speech on Agile’s future step-by-step evolution from today's vision to a truly disciplined agile process in larger enterprise-type organisations. Ambler was joined by renowned security consultant Petter Sandholdt, who spoke about combining agile work with top of the line security requirements needed in today’s business environments.

These major global evangelists, experts and practitioners of Agile, also grabbed their chance to listen to our resident soft skills expert and developer Denis Rudonja on the topic of providing feedback in agile processes. Denis held a 45-minute long lecture, highlighting everything from providing constructive and corrective feedback to the value of positive reinforcement as means of impacting future actions. If you’re interested, you can learn from his energetic presentation in this video:

Along with Infobip Software Engineer Adnan Isajbegovic, the duo certainly made quite an impact at this prestigious regional gathering, but also came away with some exciting insight for the future of Agile in Infobip.

From my point of view, the key conference takeaway is focusing on practical situations. As Agile is evolving, it’s bringing more benefits to development teams. Different practices and frameworks can and should result in improved, more streamlined functioning of entire departments in enterprise environments. Since we're an international tech company, we're constantly trying to optimise our processes to make us as effective as possible and we’re proud to be able to share our knowledge with the community helping them to do the same.

Adnan Isajbegovic Software Engineer, Infobip