Evolution of SMS: From a service info channel to enterprise messaging and security

RCR Wireless News featured an article from CEO Silvio Kutic about SMS evolving from one of the most important service info channels to the most widely used messaging platform.

December 05 2014

Our CEO Silvio Kutic talked for RCR Wireless News about SMS transforming from one of the most important service information channels to the most widely used mobile messaging platform, combining top security with deep integration into core telecoms signalling.

This has opened the gates for the financial industry to deploy an even wider range of applications through A2P text messaging, such as delivery of card PINs and other sensitive information. Additionally, one of the greatest assets of SMS over other mobile channels is its ubiquity and universal usage, regardless of device type. It’s also a powerful channel perfectly suited for public services broadcasting or the perfect back-up option when no data connection is available.

Over the course of its lifetime it has had ups and downs, shifted from novel to trendy to criticized and back, but has always remained indispensable and widely used. Originally envisaged as a service information channel that would make use of unused signalling resources, text messaging has since grown to become the most widely used mobile messaging platform and is the source of inspiration behind popular over-the-top messaging apps such as WhatsApp, Viber and Facebook Messenger...

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