Spreading the word about your addictive app

Is there a more trustworthy app recommendation than that of a friend? Spread the word about your addictive app with Infobip social invites and make it go viral!

June 24 2014

In our last blog post on the subject of app engagement, we've talked about how retailers can use the innovative features of Infobip push notifications to increase sales and consumer loyalty. But sometimes, the main challenge is spreading the word about your app and building a user base, one that can later be engaged with other techniques.

What does it take for an app to go viral? Getting media coverage is tough, and standing out in the crowded app store is even tougher. Advertising is expensive and not as efficient as you'd want it to be, and besides, who'd trust an ad, or a commercial for a smartphone app?!

But you would trust your friend, wouldn't you?

You can't go viral without word of mouth, so why not give your users a little nudge to help spread the word about your awesome app? Friend recommendation is much more likely to be trusted and taken, and with Infobip's social invites you've done half the work. 

Social invites are the most efficient app referral system: by including this capability, users can send an SMS to their phone contacts and invite them to download your app and try it out for themselves. The SMS is free for the user, the incoming SMS is displayed as coming from a contact, which guarantees it will be read, and that's not even the best part.

To avoid the clutter of app stores and to keep the interest of the potential user until the conversion, the SMS contains a direct download link, so that all it takes are two steps – open the SMS and click the link – to get a new user. 

Integrating social invites into your app is as easy as all Infobip solutions. With a developers' library and API, it's easy on your resources, while the interface seamlessly blends in with your visual style regardless of the mobile OS. 

Sounds interesting, right? There's plenty more where that came from, so make sure to download the Infobip whitepaper: 6 ingredients for an addictive app and find out more!