Automated communications

One Experience Across all Mobile Channels

Create instant, direct conversations with your customers.

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Engage your customers with automated communications

Reach across channels and devices, catering to different habits and choices of modern-day consumers.

Automate multi-step campaigns

Build rich, multi-step workflow campaigns using custom filters and selecting various types of audience attributes with just a few clicks. Dynamically segment lists, each time list changes are made, our system will automatically have it updated before your campaign goes out.

OMNI workflow example

Advanced optimization tools

Ensure that the right person gets the right message at the right time. Optimize your communications workflows with built-in logic and keyword triggers like IF, THEN, ELSE, WHEN, AND/OR to help you funnel and automate responses to customers based on their replies.

Optimized message delivery

BROADCAST - Make sure you get heard

Push your critical message over multiple channels at once, so it can reach multiple devices and be read or heard as soon as possible.

FAILOVER - Reach full ubiquity

Define scenarios and channel priorities for your message delivery. Set the order based on customer preference and devices they have available.

WORKFLOW - Orchestrate the user journey

Integrate online, offline and digital channels for the complete orchestration of your customer journey. You set the flow, Infobip processes and executes it.

Omnichannel syncs communications together

Channels that work together within a single platform, creating a unified consumer experience:

Chat Apps
Chat Apps

Make informed decisions with campaign insights and reporting

Aggregated view of all your Data

Developers can integrate our robust APIs to connect to Infobip's communications messaging platform.

Push and pull data without writing a line of code

For non-technical teams, you can set up and manage your messaging campaigns within the Infobip Portal.


For enterprises we offer flexible hybrid integration connecting your business systems to deliver rich messaging and securely communicate with customers.

Easy administration

Expense Tracker

Expense tracker

Track costs per channel and create custom charts with breakdowns per each country, month, and across all channels.

Manage Customer Unsubscribes

Manage customer unsubscribes

Automatically tracks opt-ins and opt-outs across all messaging channels so your list is always up to date.