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Escape rooms - an hour of Vulcan fun where logic and teamwork will get you out of a room. But we all know these alone won't get you out even of a developer's cozy, Friday afternoon, coffee break.

Network has had a few and started recounting its war stories. In the meantime, an army of DevOps ninjas is trying to tame a containerized, highly available, microservice instance of "hello world" gone wild. All this just to realize the underlying database is acting as consistent as a small-town politician during election time. Joining the battle is a senior developer just having finished rewriting Dante's Inferno in its favorite package manager using a couple of common utility libraries. In the end, the world has been saved by a new superhero web framework, so much better than the one used to rewrite the web this morning. 

Yes, we know what it's like to be a Developer / DBA / System Admin / IT girl/guy. We also know that you enjoy solving challenges and are proud to help the local community. This is why we decided to combine it with our passion, IT, and thus Code Escape was born. An escape room challenge, on a larger scale, and with an immersive hacking story.

All you need to do is gather a full-stack expert task force, or let us choose one for you - join us for an exciting geeky Saturday afternoon and, make an impact on your local community!

Join us @ Infobip Code Escape

Use your coding skills to help your local community! May 18, 2019, Rijeka, Croatia @15:00h

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Infobip Code Escape

May 18, 2019, Rijeka, Croatia

Infobip - Rijeka Office

  • Martinkovac 109 (1st floor)
  • 51 000, Rijeka
  • Croatia