Send your bpm’online SMS messages
with Infobip Connector

On average, your customers read 98% of their SMS messages inside 5 minutes.
Start effective engagement over the right channel.

Bpm’online, a premium vendor of process-driven cloud based software for marketing, sales and service automation is helping more than 6,500 companies worldwide manage customer-facing processes and deliver amazing customer experiences.

Reach your customers directly.

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Boost sales

Send personalized offers directly to your customers.

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Customer care

Increase customer satisfaction

Inform customers about issues being resolved.

Lower operating costs

Instead of calling, reach customers with SMS and track sent messages.

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Share important news

Make sure to get your message across over the most visible channel.

Integrating your bpm’online account with Infobip lets you:

Send an SMS to any contact from your list

Infobip messaging platform automatically recognizes stored contact numbers.

Track customer messaging history

Easily view messages exchanged with any customer.

Quickly connect with your existing Infobip account

Link your bpm'online account with Infobip and start sending messages.

Start sending messages in just 3 simple steps:


Log into your bpm’online account


Install Infobip Connector from the bpm’online marketplace using the installation wizard


Link your Infobip account with the bpm’online app and start sending messages

If you don’t have an active Infobip account, sign up today.
A dedicated expert will contact you to set up your account.

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