Elevate Your Reach with VKontakte

Start reaching your users over VKontakte

June 24 2018

Why is it important to be in contact?

Social media has become an inevitable part of our daily lives. In the CIS region, especially the Russian-speaking countries, VKontakte is the equivalent of what Facebook represents for the rest of the world. With 6 billion messages sent daily, VKontakte (meaning: “in contact”) is the largest european social network and the leading mobile messenger in Russia.

Numbers show that the average Russian digital customer spends:

  • 3 hours 42 min on social media on working days
  • 4 hours 24 min on weekends

Reach them directly

Your customers are online.
VK’s Information Messages give you an opportunity to contact your clients over their favorite communications channel.


With Information Messages over VKontakte you can:

  • Send service and plain text messages. Inform your clients about their account balance, send activation codes or payment reminders.
  • Get maximum reach by combining Information Messages with SMS. In case your clients are not active on VKontakte when you are trying to reach out to them - don’t worry. Your message will be delivered over SMS.

Information Messages will be sent to:

  • Customers who were active on VK during the last 6 days
  • Customers who did not block the sender

*Information Messages do not include marketing and advertising messages.


Start reaching users over VKontakte