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January 29 2019

Digital customers today don't hesitate to get in touch with businesses, but they want to be reached over their favorite communication channel.

In Asia, where people spend 3.6 hours per day on mobile internet, use Line to grab their attention! 

With more than 600 million registered users and 230 monthly active users, Line is a very popular messaging app in Asia, especially in Thailand, Japan and Taiwan.

How to use Line in Business Communication?

Line offers you its brand new service, tailored to send useful notifications directly to customer phone numbers – the LINE NOTIFICATION SERVICE.

Use the opportunity to reach 230 million users on their favorite communication channel, by sending useful notifications - from boarding passes to payment reminders.

Line notification service* offers you to:

  • Get in touch! Connect with your customers over LINE directly – using their personal phone number.
  • Verified Sender: Build relationships founded on trust inside the familiar look and feel of the Line app
  • Send plain text messages: An efficient, fast and easy way to send useful service information to your customers
  • Tailor rich messages: Make your notifications stand out – enrich your notifications with pictures and buttons.
  • Create targeted notifications: Pay only per delivered message.
  • Get maximum reach combining LINE NOTIFICATION SERVICE with SMS: If your clients are not reachable on LINE, don’t worry! Your message will be delivered over SMS.

*Line Notification services do not include marketing and advertising messages. The service is available over API.

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