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September 14th,
Hotel Well, Tuhelj


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Infobip’s annual developer conference brings together Croatia’s most successful entrepreneurs to discuss trends in development technology - such as big data, AI, IoT, and infrastructure monitoring and orchestration.

Join us as our keynote speakers and panelists highlight how DevOps teams from major industry players, including Microsoft, have used these technologies to unlock rapid business growth.


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Mladen Pejkovic

Senior Executive Director for ICT, Business Development and Corporate Strategy at Atlantic Grupa d.d.

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Ognjen Bajić

Principal Consultant at Agilist IT, Microsoft MVP and Professional Scrum Trainer
at Agilist IT


Don't miss out on learning about the leading development technologies that are driving today's business at Dev Days 2019! The following topics will be the focus of this year's event. Stay tuned as we reveal more details.




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Opening speech
Izabel Jelenić, Infobip


Room Invigo

Future of Humankind and of the Universe
Ivica Puljak, Scientist

What is the future of Earth and Sun in the near and far future?
What is the future of this part of the Universe and how the entire Universe will end?
What is the near future of humankind?
What is the best way to deal with the most significant challenges like climate changes, artificial intelligence, globalization, and generally the very fast advancement of technology? What is the future we want?

In this presentation, we will discuss answers to these questions, as the basis for further discussion and as food for thought.


Coffee Break


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Panel discussion: Learning from failure and sharing experience to the community
  • Silvio Kutić, Infobip
  • Mate Rimac, Rimac Automobili
  • Mladen Pejković, Atlantic
  • Ivan Burazin, Codeanywhere
  • Mislav Malenica, Vingd
  • Damir Sabol, Photomath

How have these Croatian innovators learned from failure?

Were their mistakes just as crucial as their victories on their roads to success? Get the answers to those questions in a panel moderated by Ivan Burazin.


Lunch Break


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Kubernetes in Infobip
Mario Žagar, Infobip

Mario will give an overview of the current state of Kubernetes in Infobip.

What they did, how they did it, and what concrete challenges they are hoping to solve with Kubernetes and an overall roadmap to world domination using Kubernetes. Come and hear how you could also benefit from this.


Room Vilina

Multidimensional microservices monitoring with New Relic
Stijn Polfliet, New Relic, Inc.

Performance monitoring in a container & microservices world is very different from monitoring a traditional environment. During this demo-driven session, we will show how teams can use New Relic to observe performance and dependencies in a microservices environment, and to troubleshoot failures, bottlenecks, and other abnormal behavior—helping ensure that applications are always available, running fast, and doing what they’re supposed to do.


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Tracing is More Than Traces: The Insights in Trace Aggregates
Ishmeet Grewal, LightStep

The value proposition for distributed tracing is well-understoodassembling and visualizing end-to-end transactions helps to identify latency bottlenecks and provides a head-start on problem diagnosis.

Yet the data from traces – when aggregated – can reveal much more, and can do so with greater precision and certainty.

This talk presents the profound insights trace aggregates help unlock, including sources of resource contention, latency anomalies in the context of service infrastructure, and correlations of metrics with high-cardinality characteristics of the distributed system.

The talk highlights concrete examples to demonstrate how novel applications of aggregated traces reveal new opportunities for performance improvements. However, aggregation is not possible without a standardized tracing output format, as well as a proliferation of traces via cloud-native service mesh integration.


Room Vilina

Real-life Customer Support Chatbots
  • Slaven Mišak, BonsAI
  • Toni Vlaić, BonsAI

When it comes to the support experience, customers seek familiar, informal, and, most important, immediate forms of contact.

That’s why, for brands seeking to interact directly with consumers, real-time communication is a no-brainer. Chatbots can extend your customer service by helping customers resolve common issues, using back end services such as CRM and ERP to provide relevant information and to transfer a user to an agent in case the solution is more complex.

Come and see a real-life case study detailing how a typical chatbot project is developed and what is it used for as an internal support bot in a large enterprise organization.


Coffee Break


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DevOps Transformation in Microsoft - Case Study
  • Ognjen Bajić, Agilist IT
  • Ana Roje Ivančić, Agilist IT

Microsoft embarked on its DevOps journey more than 8 years ago, when it started modeling a new set of engineering tools and practices called One Engineering System (1ES), fully based on their own platforms - Azure DevOps (ex. Visual Studio Team Services - VSTS) and Azure. Since then, multiple product development teams have gone through a massive transition in terms of how they organize their work and deal with infrastructure, tools and processes.

This session tells the story of the transformation of 70+ teams with more than 800 people that develop Azure DevOps, both Service and Server (ex. Team Foundation Server - TFS). Join us to learn how Microsoft's teams transitioned from an inert waterfall to a highly performing agile organization, whereby drastically changing the way how they develop, test, deploy and monitor their products.


Room Vilina

Salt, Sun, Sea & Big Data
Leo Mršić, AlgebraLAB

Tourist destination management needs improvement.

Tourist destinations are overcrowded, cultural heritage sites are insufficiently taken care of. With the dawn of AirBnB most major tourist destinations seem to be further and further away from the promise of sustainable tourism.

This lecture will provide some answers how we can use data to improve tourist experience. We will showcase our big data platform that combines records from different sources and enables all parties interested in tourist migration to get actively involved in tourist destination management.


Room Invigo

There and Back Again
Marko Stipanov, Infobip

Talks about the history of service development, deployment, and organization in Infobip.

The talk will address these questions:
Why is development organized like it currently is?
Why are we developing services the way we are currently doing?
Why are we building and deploying services the way we are currently doing?

It will be one interesting story about Infobip's past and present, but also the bright future we are all looking for.


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Closing speech
Damir Prusac, Infobip

Damir will close the DevDays conference with short insights about the day connecting the takeaways and learnings.


Wrap-up Beer

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