Published on: 09/Oct/2012

Centili reached out to Japan

Having presented our Centili m-payments platform at the recent Tokyo Game Show, a major gaming industry event with over 220 000 visitors and 209 international exhibitors, we are happy to announce the steady progress in our brand recognition in the Far East. Centili, a mobile payments tool developed by Infobip’s experts, has gained much positive attention from a number of companies based in Japan, China, South Korea and Indonesia.

It has been a privilege and a great honour to present our knowledge in Japan, one of the technologically most advanced countries of the world. Tokyo Game Show was a remarkable experience. Our people established valuable connections, discussed and exchanged ideas. But also, we contributed to the global gaming industry with our own expertise. It makes us feel proud, for we have put a lot of effort into Centili and we strongly believe in it

Silvio Kutic Infobip’s CEO

As one of the leading m-payment platforms of today, Centili is based on the direct mobile billing technology. It can be used by a variety of businesses, most notably on-line vendors and gaming companies, offering them new opportunities for monetising their content.