Published on: 09/May/2014

Dubai: Hear engagement & monetisation tips!

Ok, so you have finished developing your app. A lot of users might be downloading at the moment, but do you have a plan on how to keep them engaged? Do you know the best way to monetise your app?

On average, most users download the app and then simply fail to follow through. While 79% of users will give it a second chance, just 16% will give it a third go. Around 80 to 90% of all downloaded apps are used only once and then eventually get deleted.

Visit Mobile Show Dubai and listen to Paolo Rizzardini, our VP Mobile Payments. His presentation will help you find a solution to these major challenges and devise a complete consumer-first strategy, starting with a smooth, user friendly start to building a long-lasting, continuous engagement process for your app users.

The cost of user acquisition dramatically increased in the last year due to an exponential growth of mobile content offerings. For a content provider, knowing how to minimise this cost and optimise the result is a must, the same way as exploring different options to monetise and engage the initially-acquired user. Infobip can offer solutions for all those challenges to companies of any size and budget, which is something I’ll happily present in Dubai.

Paolo Rizzardini VP Mobile Payments, Infobip

Learn of mobile engagement and monetisation strategies, meet us at booth M-D26 at this prestigious event taking place in one of the world’s main business hubs! Don’t miss the presentation on May 13 in theatre 2 of the Dubai’s International Convention & Exhibition Centre at 11 AM local time!