Published on: 22/Jul/2014

Robocraft & ¥Coins give you more game!

Robocraft and Infobip partnered up to give Robocraft gamers from Japan more game! All Robocraft gamers buying Galaxy Cash using ¥Coins until August 17 automatically get rewarded with 20% more GC.

This promotion is exclusive to players from Japan using ¥Coins and GalaxyCash can only be spent in the virtual environment of Robocraft. Players can now buy even more cubes and prisms to build a stronger, more powerful bot with upgraded features, such as enhanced radar capability and improved cockpits.

Since going live in 2013, FreeJam's Robocraft was already one of the most popular Indie games during its inaugural year. This year, Steam players voted and released Robocraft live over Greenlight as a F2P title on Steam. The popular robot themed shooter has also been shortlisted among 10 other games for the prestigious UK Develop Indie Showcase Award.

Our ¥Coins enable users to purchase digital content in Japan, thus enabling access to their favourite digital content in Japan, all over over one universal virtual currency. Visit our mobile payments page to get a detailed insight about our m-payment solutions.

Robocraft's official website is the best location to download this great game and make the most of our special offer. Many loyal gamers keep coming back to this exciting title, so if you haven’t played Robocraft yet, the time to start is – right about NOW!