Rapido: Viber and Omnichannel for Elevated Customer Communications

01 Challenge

Unclear customer communications causing poor user experience and unsuccessful package delivery

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02 Solution

Omnichannel communications for elevated customer engagement

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03 Result

Improved customer communications quality, brand image & internal efficiency

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Client profile

Founded 2001 in Bulgaria, Rapido Express and Logistics is a fast-growing courier and parcel service provider. In the beginning, they only covered Bulgarian territory, but they soon expanded to other EU countries. Since November 2017, RAPIDO has expanded its partnership-based international coverage by becoming a member of DHL Parcel Europe Network for import/export of land-delivered parcels.


RAPIDO’s call center was receiving numerous calls from end-users asking for further clarification of their package delivery notifications. This had a poor impact on user experience, as it wasted a lot of end-users’ time. The calls were also time-consuming for RAPIDO employees and prevented them from freeing up their schedules to deal with more pressing customer service problems.

The reason to this  problem was the effectiveness of their customer communications, as the shipping notifications they were sending to their end-users were unclear. The problem was caused by limitations when it came to Cyrillic characters in SMS. Since SMS was limited to 70 characters with Unicode, they had to use abbreviations their end-users couldn’t always understand.

On-demand real-time reporting was also one of their key needs. Before, they had to send an email for each report they wanted, which was too slow and impaired their business. It also made the process of monitoring the delivery status of messages and resolving customer complaints lengthy, because they couldn’t get details about notification status and other critical data on time.

They were looking for a new channel for better and easier customer engagement and to keep up with their reputation as a trendsetter brand. Another thing they were interested in was the potential for an easy transition between communication channels with one communication solutions provider.  


Looking to improve the effectiveness of their customer communications, as well as the information flow inside of their logistics chain, RAPIDO implemented an omnichannel messaging solution.

Their primary communications channel shifted from SMS to Viber, because of Viber’s much higher character limit (1000 characters) that eliminates the need for unnecessary abbreviations. That way they can deliver a clear message when the parcel is out for delivery, and the customer can understand everything easily without calling the call center for further clarification.

They still keep SMS as a fallback option. As part of the omnichannel solution, they now also have the option to send complete SMS messages (up to 160 characters) in Cyrillic letters due to the transliteration feature.

The reporting tool enables real-time, cross-channel reporting - all in one place - with quick and easy access. It’s especially useful when they have to investigate customer complaints, as they can check the notification delivery status any time, and email the customers that did not receive the initial message.


With clear messages and no unnecessary abbreviations, the quality of customer communications increased greatly. End users were able to understand the messages properly, so their response rates improved. With easy-to-understand notifications, RAPIDO is aiming to keep the number of delivered parcels above 95%, which is good by their industry standards. Since implementing our solution, their number of delivered packages has increased.

The number of calls to the call center, which happened on a regular basis when the end-users wouldn’t understand messages, also decreased by 10-15%.

Viber, as a new channel in RAPIDO’s communications portfolio, had a positive impact on brand image, reputation, customer experience and customer satisfaction, since they were one of the earliest adopters on their market.  

Real-time reporting contributed to the efficiency of internal logistic processes and increased the speed of resolving customer complaints, which had a positive effect on customer satisfaction and saved RAPIDO a lot of valuable time they can use to further grow their business.


“With Infobip omnichannel communications, we managed to communicate our message without worrying about limitations when it comes to Cyrillic characters. We increased customer satisfaction with the implementation of Viber as a channel. Another great thing about Infobip’s platform are the multiple channels it enables us to combine. We’re currently testing transliteration options for SMS, which will unlock the full potential of SMS as a channel.”

Nikolay LeviProduct Manager, Rapido Express and Logistics