TTN: Real-time Flight Information for Passengers Worldwide

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Delivering critical flight information to passengers around the world

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02 Solution

Connecting TTN to 800+ mobile operators through Infobip’s API

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03 Result

50% decrease in Customer Care Service workload

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Tickets is a member of the holding Tickets Travel Network (TTN), one of the world’s leading and dynamically growing online travel agencies. The holding owns one of the largest portfolios of travel services among online travel agencies. They offer flight, train and bus tickets, hotel booking, insurance, transfers, car rental, and other travel and leisure-related services. Founded in 2009 TTN now offers travel services under brands – Tickets, KissAndFly, Mytickets, Travelfrom and operates in almost 30 markets around the world. It has 2,5 million customers and is headquartered in Vienna, Austria.


Delivering critical flight information to passengers around the world

The service of online booking and tickets purchasing has been growing rapidly since 2015. In a few years, the company represented in several markets has become an international holding covering more than 30 countries.

This expanse caused a need to make communication with passengers more reliable to notify them promptly about significant changes in their flight plans - wherever they might be.

When critical information needs to be sent and received by the end user, SMS is the best choice as it is an extremely reliable communication channel. In over 90% of cases, an SMS message is read within the first three minutes of delivery. This sort of reliability is crucial in situations when it is necessary to confirm changes within 12 hours to avoid additional expenses.

Also, when visiting a foreign country, users may not have an internet connection and won’t be able to see or even respond to messages received through channels depending on internet access. As a result, passengers may fail to receive urgent information and could miss their flight. To tackle this problem, TTN needed a partner with worldwide coverage that could reach any passenger in any country.


Connecting TTN to 800+ mobile operators through Infobip’s API

After moving into new markets, they started looking for ways to eliminate high expenses of sending messages to all the countries where TTN operates.

Along with providing direct connections to operators around the world, Infobip is also offering a solution which consists of 4 types of notifications sent to passengers:

  • Flight information: flight date, time, terminal 
  • Flight cancellation, changes 
  • Railway transportation: time of departure, train and carriage number 
  • Cinema/Concert tickets: ticket/order number, QR code 

Today, all their websites are integrated with the Infobip communications platform through API, reaching their passengers in almost 90 countries, ensuring flight change notifications are delivered in time.


50% decrease in Customer Care Service workload

SMS-notifications are a perfect fit for TTN's challenge of delivering urgent information. Immediate notifications are a must-have option for today’s customers, and they have a significant impact on satisfaction and loyalty. Because of using SMS, passengers now promptly receive information about flight changes, which has resulted in a 50% decrease in the number of calls to Customer Care Service as well as the number of passengers’ complaints. 

Alongside SMS, TTN is also using Viber and Facebook chat apps to improve the relationship with their customers. These channels of communications are beneficial for non-time-critical notifications and communication because of a higher character limit (up to 1000), which allows TTN to send detailed information and also enables direct contact with their support team; all of which leads to both cost saving and communication improvement. 

The additional benefit of simultaneous integration with several chat apps is that it gives TTN the ability to contact customers through their preferred channel of communication, improving customer experience.  

Having been cooperating with Infobip in Ukraine, we decided to sign the association agreement for all countries. Infobip is one of the biggest global messaging companies and factors such as high-quality and quick support, loyalty and cost-efficiency which helped us to make our choice. We are satisfied with the quality of service they provide. 

NAZAR KOBRyN Product Manager, Tickets Travel Network