VTB Bank: Reduced Customer Complaints by 80% in Less Than a Year

Client expectations are constantly evolving in the financial sector, and banks must improve the customer experiences they provide in order to keep up with the demand.

01 Challenge

Improve digital communications and increase customer engagement

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02 Solution

Implement instant messaging capabilities through Viber

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03 Result

Reduced customer complaints by 80% and increased customer engagement

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Client profile

VTB Bank in Belarus is part of a large international network of banks operated by VTB Group, a global provider of financial services. Comprising of more than twenty credit institutions and financial companies across all key areas of the financial market; the group’s network is unique to the Russian banking industry, facilitating international partnerships for Russian companies aiming to engage with global markets.

VTB Bank knew that they had to reduce paper-based communications. However, investing in digital alternatives was not simply about adapting, it was about improving what they could offer customers, from products to support.
VTB Bank not only needed a more efficient route for customers to receive communications and provide feedback, but they also required a solution that would encourage two-way communications for a more personalized experience.

Infobip worked with VTB to deploy a powerful platform that would move customers communications online via Viber, with the ability to automatically switch to SMS as a failover for customers who might not have the necessary data coverage, or Viber installed, on their mobile phones.

VTB Bank launched a campaign, targeting their customer database, to promote the new Viber and SMS instant messaging service. VTB’s Viber messaging channel is used for:
  • Notifications about upcoming payments
  • Promotions and special offers
  • Information about new services and products
  • Details of the loyalty program and special offers from Bank’s partners
  • Surveys on customer service
To demonstrate the more personalized approach customers could expect, a special birthday campaign was also launched. Customers received birthday wishes and the offer of a premium Visa Gold card.


1. Reduction of complaints by 80% 
Since deploying the instant messaging service with Infobip, VTB Bank has reduced paper-based communications sent to clients by 80% and customer engagement has soared. Half of all customers are now engaged in two-way Viber communications with the bank, and customer complaints have reduced by 80%.

Communications are faster, more convenient and delivered in real-time, yielding significant cost savings.


VTB reduced complaints

2. Increased customer engagement
From the launch campaign alone, VTB Bank received messages from more than 150,000 customers on Viber. The birthday campaign received direct responses from 70% of recipients (who thanked the bank), and 40% of those signed up for the Visa Gold card.

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An additional result of having an instant messaging solution, that facilitated fast and efficient responses, was that valuable call centre resources could be redistributed to more complex inquiries. 

After such successful results, VTB Bank is now implementing a Viber chatbot to support the customer service team. In the future, they plan to lead the industry by reaching even greater heights of customer experience with the launch of a new mobile app, CRM system, and WhatsApp business solution.

Irina Azarevich

With an 80% reduction in complaints, the results of adding Viber as a communication channel speak for themselves. Customers are now receiving a more personalized experience and we are already implementing new services that will take the customer experience to yet another level.

Irina Azarevich

Head of Remote Banking Service Department,
VTB Bank (Belarus)