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Yousign: Increasing SMS Delivery Rates to Authenticate Signers

Yousign enables users to electronically sign documents uploaded to an online app. To maintain security and ensure the right user accesses and signs documents, Yousign decided to send one-time PINs (OTPs) over SMS to its users. Find out how implementing this along with Text-to-Speech (TTS) failover for non-mobile-first users helped them improve their business.

01 Challenge

Increase SMS delivery rates

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02 Solution

Integrating SMS and Text-to-Speech services with built in reliability

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03 Result

Increasing One-Time PIN (OTP) delivery rates to over 97% via SMS and Text-to-Speech (TTS) failover

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Client profile

Yousign provides B2B businesses with a digital signature solution. The company enables users to electronically sign documents uploaded to an online app, eliminating the need to print, and providing a streamlined process. A critical step of the process is sending an SMS message with a one-time Password - which is a PIN - to the customer to validate their identity prior to signing a document. Working all sectors of activities such as the banking, insurance and real estate industries, Yousign has helped small companies to make the contract signing process painless, and big companies to simplify complex workflows requiring multiple layers of approvals.

A critical step in Yousign’s process is sending an SMS message with a one-time PIN (OTP) to the customer to validate their identity prior to signing a document. 

Highly reliable SMS delivery for the OTPs was essential for Yousign to ensure the correct signer was reading and approving the correct document. In order to guarantee seamless SMS delivery 24/7, the company previously had four SMS providers so they could failover to another provider in the event of undelivered messages. 

Infobip’s omnichannel capabilities enabled Yousign to deliver OTPs faster and more reliably to its users via SMS. With an integrated intelligent routing engine, the SMS solution explores various messaging routes to locate the quickest delivery route for every message to every signer.  

Example of one-time PIN delivery via SMSThe solution also features Text-to-Speech (TTS) failover, for non-mobile-first clients, to conveniently deliver OTPs through voice via a landline

Example of channel failoverThe Infobip sales team also provided valuable advice to Yousign regarding global SMS delivery strategies, as this is something they needed to have in place for future expansion to other countries. 
Yousign found Infobip’s omnichannel solution to be extremely reliable, with an SMS delivery rate over 97%.  

SMS delivery rate over 97%Infobip is now Yousign’s main SMS provider used to deliver this critical and sensitive information to signers.  

Over the past three months, Infobip has been responsible for the delivery of more than 60% of the company’s SMS traffic. The omnichannel solution was extremely simple to use as all the platform’s features were accessible through a single API. Message status reports offered delivery insights that helped Yousign improve its services. In the case of undelivered SMS messages to landlines, the solution automatically switched to TTS, ensuring seamless delivery for customers.  

Yousign plans to extend the TTS solution from landlines to mobile phones in the future to offer clients another way to verify their identity. Yousign now plans to deploy other Infobip services to enhance their services. 
Romain Pichard

We are very satisfied with Infobip’s delivery rates that are over 97%, and that is why they are our main provider of SMS solution for one-time pin delivery. OTP delivery is a crucial part of our business and because of high delivery rates and technical support we value our cooperation with the company very much.

Romain Pichard

Product Owner