Email - Cut through the noise and reach your customers

Email integrates with your existing workflows to deliver emails based on your business needs.



With hundreds of app alerts and notifications fighting for your customers’ attention, email gives your customers an opportunity to deal with specific types of messages on their own schedule.

Deliver transactional emails through one reliable platform

Infobip email can integrate with your existing workflows and processes to deliver emails based on your business needs. Create and send high-volume email campaigns in one place through your portal account. You get full view of your campaign performance from content to deliveries, formats to timing. Infobip Email runs on a platform that provides high deliverability and reliability, regardless of the size of your mailing list.

Improve mobile marketing with omni channel communications

Optimize your inbox delivery with automatic spam and antivirus checks

Automatically check if your email might be flagged as spam before it goes out. Spam checks let you fix your content to make sure it has the best chance of getting delivered - and your campaign being successful. Our pre-send checks include checking attachments for viruses and malware protecting your users from potential threats and increasing their trust in you.

Use our REST API to quickly integrate not just email, but the entire Infobip communications platform into your apps and services portfolio. We offer comprehensive guides, documentation and code examples for developers to get you sending email campaigns in no time.

Unify all your messaging channels into one Portal

Give your customers a rich and flexible communication experience with the platform that lets you send push, email, SMS, voice, and chat messages.

  • Automate campaigns - Send and manage email campaigns
  • Mobile channels - Add mobile channels like SMS, push notifications, voice or Viber within one campaign view
  • Get Reporting - View email campaign performance to understand your conversion rates

Real-time insight into your campaigns

Get campaign details on email sends, delivery times, bounces, and costs all in one location. Real-time reporting lets you determine the ROI of any campaign you have running.


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