Infobip OMNI - Reach Across Channels, Create Engaging Conversation

Offer one experience across all mobile channels.



Easily build rich, multi-step workflow campaigns tailored to multiple audiences with just a few clicks. Offering SMS, voice calls, push notifications, chat apps and email, Infobip OMNI enables gapless transition between communication channels for superb customer journeys and an unsurpassed brand engagement.

Get heard.

Push your critical message over multiple channels at once, so it can reach multiple devices and be read or heard as soon as possible.

Reach full ubiquity.

Define scenarios and channel priorities for message delivery. Set the order based on customer preference and devices they have available.

Orchestrate user journeys.

Integrate online, offline and digital channels for the complete orchestration of your customer journey and a seamless interaction with your business.

OMNI workflow


  • On-click workflow management
  • Quick CRM integration, data processing and sync
  • Multiple channels for total interaction
  • Graphical user interface for easy campaign building and monitoring
  • Meaningful campaign metrics: cost overview, delivery, conversion rates


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