Creating new revenue streams and engaging customers with mobile communications

Learn to add value to your business communications and boost revenue growth.


Creating new revenue streams and engaging customers with mobile communications

Wednesday, June 14, 2017 11:00 AM (UTC+2)

Consumers don’t want to be tied to the old way of doing things. Many people have moved from occasional mobile users to being mobile only users. These customers look for 100% mobile shopping experiences and if they don’t find it from one company, they will switch to one that does.

Studio Moderna knows what it takes to reach customers. Offering name-brand products across 20 countries in east-central Europe, Studio Moderna saw an opportunity to offer its customers a new ways to shop with them—SMS and Viber—that capture both new and existing customers who prefer a purely mobile shopping experience.

In this webinar, Infobip product expert Filip Ivanisevic chats with Studio Moderna’s Bojan Sturm on how Studio Moderna leveraged print to kick start their SMS campaign and then expanded to Viber to reach new shopping audiences.

You will learn how to encourage SMS adoption with discounts and special mobile only offers and how Studio Moderna used this approach to tap into new revenue streams.

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About the presenter

Brian Solis

Bojan Šturm

Sales Print & Telemarketing Director with more than a decade of global sales experience. He is leading Studio Moderna’s SMS transformation. Bojan and the team has used mobile and digital to cement Studio Moderna’s place in Europe as a leading retailer.