UCL Students Discuss Mobile Identity and the Future of Online Authentication

Kristijan Barlek

Infobip’s vice president Matija Razem was back at University College London (UCL), providing an invited guest contribution on Mobile Identity technologies to postgraduate students of Strategic Management of Projects.

Mobile Identity (MI) is an emerging authentication technology that harnesses mobile users’ phone numbers to enable seamless verifications, logins and fraud prevention, all the while providing a superior user experience in line with the users’ expectations.

Mobile Identity comes in a range of flavors of technical implementation and deployment, but while that’s important for mobile operators and solution providers, what matters to mobile users is that Mobile Identity doesn’t require them to do anything when authenticating an app install, e-commerce purchase or online account login. Instead, the entire process is performed silently in the background, cutting down on time and hassle – major points when it comes to describing a satisfying user experience.

Mobile Identity has the potential to replace current authentication methods and add some advanced features that either increase security, such as SIM swap fraud detection and prevention, or user experience, such as form filling. Mobile Identity is currently being tested with mobile operators worldwide and rollouts are expected to accelerate in 2020, and hopefully the user experience will help defuse any concerns mobile subscribers might have over this type of authentication services.

Mr Razem discussed several use cases in relation to mobile identity and gave an overview of the current market opportunities in this space and Infobip’s roadmap. Mr Razem’s presentation was an invited contribution to a postgraduate module led by UCL lecturer Dr Vedran Zerjav, a researcher of project management in technology development and infrastructure provision.

It’s great Matija could make it back to contribute a session on this extremely important emergent technology. Our school’s postgraduate programmes are unique in that we provide our students with the opportunity to be exposed to the best international practice – in this case cutting edge technology projects. Infobip’s projects are certainly a success story and our students appreciated Matija’s openness to share first-hand insights on the business opportunities in the emerging new market enabled by mobile identity technologies.

Dr Vedran Zerjav – University College London (UCL)

It’s always a pleasure to talk with UCL students. It’s an inspiring forum for exchanging views and knowledge and it’s proven to be a great way of challenging new technologies. Case in point, last year we discussed RCS, which is now becoming a mainstream mobile service, and I hope we’ll be saying the same for Mobile Identity next year.

Matija Razem – VP Business Development at Infobip

Dec 7th, 2019
2 min read

Kristijan Barlek