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Umniah-Infobip Partnership Offers Direct Mobile Billing Options to Customers

Umniah-Infobip Partnership Offers Direct Mobile Billing Options to Customers

We have recently strengthened our partnership with Umniah by offering an alternative DMB service to its subscribers.

Amman, Jordan — October 2014: Infobip has recently strengthened its partnership with Umniah to offer an alternative direct mobile billing service to its subscribers. The new payment method is the first such service to be offered in the Jordanian market.

Umniah users now have access to a more convenient payment method that includes virtual credits and tokens on their favourite games, social networks, multimedia content, and smartphone apps. The alternative method allows subscribers to be directly billed through their mobile phone accounts.

Currently Jordan’s fastest-growing mobile operator, Umniah has gained a strong reputation among users for ensuring quality excellence at affordable prices. With a large proportion of smartphone users being in their twenties, the growth trend is guaranteed to continue.

Infobip’s partnership with Umniah, which has strengthened over the past year, will help Umniah gain insight into the mobile habits and preferences of its younger users. Overall, the Middle East has a very lucrative ICT industry with major investments being directed towards the sector’s infrastructure and connectivity; this is a direct result of growing demand for digital and mobile services.

As there has been a growing demand for mobile content in recent years, mobile operators, content providers and app developers will have new monetising opportunities coupled with a more convenient payment method. The fact that micropayments made via direct mobile billing services do not require any bank transactions or credit cards, makes it all the more popular among customers.

In recent years, Infobip has placed its focus on collaborating closely with operators to offer new mobile services which bridge the gap between content providers and mobile subscribers. Partnerships such as the one with Umniah, directly benefit the local economy as well as create new business opportunities.

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