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VKontakte: New Messaging Possibilities with Infobip

VKontakte: New Messaging Possibilities with Infobip

VKontakte, CIS' largest social network, examined their newest messaging service potential during our retail customer experience workshop. Read more!

VKontakte (VK), the largest social network in Russia and neighboring countries, examined the potential of their newest messaging service during Infobip’s workshop for retail customer experience experts.

Integrated with the Infobip platform, the service allows any enterprise to reach their VKontakte users and keep them informed with important service-related information, such as retail delivery notifications or purchase confirmation messages, delivered directly to their VK inbox.


With over 97 million monthly visitors and 6 billion messages sent daily, this service holds tremendous potential globally and in the CIS region – we’re excited to diversify our A2P messaging portfolio by integrating VKontakte as the latest channel on the Infobip platform.

silvio kutic – Infobip CEO

VKontakte, alongside speakers and visitors from regional leaders in retail, took part in the “Welcome to the Age of the On-Demand Shopper” workshop. The key objective was to share knowledge, updates and news on retail communications technology and how these advancements can be used to build customer experiences.

Our mission is to unite people, services and companies while creating convenient and positive communication tools. Helping to build an ecosystem where brands can expectantly and legally engage their customers at the right time, with the right information is a huge step in that direction. With its global reach, the Infobip platform powers frictionless communication experiences for end-customers and partners, and we see numerous applications in the retail space.

Igor Makarov – SMS services CTO, Mail.Ru Group

Infobip chat app messaging integrations such as VKontakte seamlessly extend business communications to in-app and Over-The-Top messaging, resulting in a wider communications impact for any enterprise.

Engage customers with VKontakte messaging