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Smart communication for amazing customer experience backed by AI

Omnichannel messaging backed up by AI

About the company

Synerise is supporting organizations in collecting & analyzing data about People, Customers, Users, and their environmental context from any data sources. With those inputs, Synerise is able to personalize their experience, predict the future, observe relationships, improve products, generate new revenue streams, optimize costs and execute it at hyper-scale in real-time.

About the integration

Integration between Infobip and Synerise allows you to send emails, Whatsapp messages, SMS from Infobip to a dynamically created customer segment in the Synerise platform.

Use cases covered

Every experience is now personalized

Every customer interaction is being processed by AI algorithms and executed by world-class personalization tactics in every possible channel that drives results.

Every decision has the data behind it

Almost unlimited analytical capabilities help to understand customer behavior and get actionable insights for future activations. Eliminate guesswork and provide exactly the content and experience that customers expect.

Every interaction is now recorded and analyzed

Real-time data management makes it possible to take advantage of small windows of opportunity before the close by delivering just the right content at just the right time.

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AI platform that fuels smart customer communication

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