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Add omnichannel capabilities to your workflows

Communicate with your customers on the channel they use and love. Improve engagement rates and increase customer satisfaction. By being more customer-centric in your communications, you can improve NPS by 40%

What channels are part of our integration?

We are currently covering WhatsApp, SMS and RCS, but you can reach out to us to explore the variety of other channels we have in our portfolio (like Viber, Messenger, Telegram etc.)

What challenges are we tackling?

1.Lack of customer engagement

Often times important information is being communicated through the wrong channel to the customer. That results in frustration on both the customer and enterprise sides. From one side, the customer is not satisfied with the service as he was not informed about important status update properly, while the enterprise has a challenge of managing inbound calls from customers that did not see the message.

2. Customer satisfaction

Non -effective communication results in sub-optimal customer satisfaction. By implementing an omnichannel strategy to their communications, we have seen brands improve their NPS scores up by to 40%.

3. Cost reduction

By providing multiple channels to communicate with the customer, we have cut costs by 10X for the brands.

Real life examples

Want to know more how our products operate in practice? See our customer story page.

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