The inaugural Infobip Sling London took place last Thursday, March 9th 2023, in Infobip’s London HQ, a spacious office overlooking the St. Paul’s cathedral on New Bridge Street. With 30+ different startup stakeholders showing up for the event, Infobip Startup Tribe made a significant step forward in connecting with the UK startup community.


After the initial introduction over drinks, the session portion of the evening started with an intro to Infobip and Infobip Startup Tribe, showcasing their offering for founders and how it can be used for further startup development. It was followed by a session on how to do market research for a startup, and a session on  how to engage everyone in the company in creating quality content. The event was rounded up with a fireside chat about founders’ mental health & wellbeing which struck a core with everyone in the crowd.

Afterwards, over pizza & drinks, the conversation continued till the late hours, interrupted with an occasional ping pong match.


Gathering & Drinks

Bruno Brzović & Lucija Reić: “Empowering founders through Infobip Startup Tribe”

Marin Mrša: “How to do market research for a startup”

Joanna Suau: “All for content and content for all”

Chris Dial, Marin Mrša & James Roycroft-Davis: “Founders’ health & wellbeing”

Networking & Drinks & Food


Bruno Brzović – Professional Services Manager, Infobip

Joanna Suau – Developer Educator, Infobip

Lucija Reić – Startup Partnership Specialist, Infobip

Marin Mrša – CEO & Founder, Peekator

Chris Dial – CEO & Co-founder, Salutare

James Roycroft-Davis – Head of Movement Founders Taboo & Host Vulnerable Podcast


More Infobip startup meetups are in the works, with Infobip Sling Tokyo already taking place on March 13th.

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