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  • Kriptomat

    Kriptomat is a Crypto super app for retail investors

    Estonia Estonia Crypto and Blockchain
  • Kuringo

    Enabling the diaspora to send money to loved ones in Africa

    United Kingdom United Kingdom FinTech
  • Larven

    Revolutionizing SME inventory management

    Tanzania Tanzania FinTech
  • Lemon Africa

    Lemon helps vendors reach customers everywhere they shop

    South Africa South Africa Ecommerce
  • Libra Incentix

    Loyalty management solution for businesses

    Singapore Singapore Other
  • Lime Booking

    Fill schedules, facilitate communication, increase revenue

    Slovenia Slovenia SaaS
  • Linker

    Internal communication silos for physical commodity traders

    Canada Canada SaaS
  • Loko

    Listings of residential and commercial properties in Croatia

    Croatia Croatia Other
  • Loyal

    Classic ‘Buy X, Get Y’ cards & app for contactless loyalty

    Portugal Portugal Marketing Tech
  • Luppa

    Track and improve employee satisfaction & engagement

    Croatia Croatia HRTech
  • Maarifasasa

    Creating digital employment opportunities for Africans

    Uganda Uganda EdTech
  • Magneu

    Magneu is “Booking” within the iGaming industry

    North Macedonia North Macedonia Gaming

    Digital asset management & publishing platform

    Brazil Brazil Marketing Tech
  • Mascoters

    Peer-to-peer platform for pet-sitters and pet-owners

    Argentina Argentina Travel and Hospitality
  • Mealzy

    Ready to cook portioned fresh meal kits as a subscription

    India India FoodTech
  • Medadom

    Providing medical teleconsultation via an app or a booth

    France France HealthTech
  • Medifit

    Booking platform for privately-funded health services

    Slovenia Slovenia HealthTech
  • Medinformer

    Delivery of trusted healthcare information at point of care

    South Africa South Africa HealthTech

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