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  • Megi

    Expanding healthcare beyond hospital walls

    Croatia Croatia Digital Health
  • Meiro

    Customer data platform

    Singapore Singapore Marketing Tech
  • Melonn

    Services for ecommerces in Latam, mainly fulfillment

    Colombia Colombia Ecommerce
  • meloot

    Video and live e-commerce platform

    Croatia Croatia Ecommerce

    First marketplace specialized in packaging.

    Colombia Colombia Other
  • MESA 24/7

    Hospitality partner for Latam restaurants

    Peru Peru FoodTech
  • MeteoSales

    We make the weather sell

    Italy Italy AI/ML
  • Metzz Media

    Offering performance based marketing service

    Netherlands Netherlands Marketing Tech

    Healthy vending machines that work through an app

    Portugal Portugal FoodTech
  • Milyssus

    Helping property developers to focus on building rather than selling

    Mexico Mexico Other
  • Mindful Gurukul

    Cultivating effective study habits & happy minds

    India India EdTech
  • Mindsmiths

    AI platform for building autonomous support systems

    Croatia Croatia AI/ML
  • Minski

    A home improvement platform

    United States United States SaaS
  • Mireo

    GPS navigation software and advanced vehicle data analytics

    Croatia Croatia SaaS
  • Miret

    Creating the most environmentally advanced sneakers

    Croatia Croatia CleanTech
  • Mobicore

    IoT product manufacturing startup

    India India IoT
  • Mobility One

    Corporate (enterprise) and expert fleet services software

    Croatia Croatia Mobility Tech
  • Momtivation

    We help mums to get back in shape after giving birth

    Croatia Croatia Digital Health

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