Becoming a part of the Infobip Startup Tribe provided us with the opportunity to test vital solutions, ultimately improving the quality of our product offering. That’s extremely valuable for a startup at our stage.

Peter Bruner, COO, Ringo Lock

The Startup

Ever wanted to have the ability to unlock your door from your phone, securely? Then it’s time you met Ringo Lock, the star of this story.

This Slovenian startup does just that by turning house doors into smart, digitized ones. By creating friction-free experiences for landlords and homeowners with the help of smart locks, Ringo Lock provides solutions that make it easier for guests to access properties.
Their ultimate goal? To make hosting easier and reduce the number of steps – literally.

The Origin

Being landlords and homeowners themselves, the Ringo Lock team was familiar with all types of rental situations: the good, the bad and the ugly. Therefore they accurately identified that the main pain point of landlords, primarily those who rented out their apartments over platforms such as Airbnb, was delivering keys. That’s where their smart, modular locks came in to play, helping landlords unlock their house via their phones.

The Tribe

However, as any startup founder can testify, no solution comes without an issue first. In this case it was the Wi-Fi connection – the loss of signal left landlords in remote locations with unreliable access or low-quality internet, leading to dissatisfied guests.

Having applied to the Infobip Startup Tribe, Ringo Lock acquired benefits such as free support services and testing credits, giving them the opportunity to try out the Infobip’s IoT solution.

The solution enabled a friction-free connectivity and Infobip’s local presence in Slovenia ensured great customer support which in return guaranteed customers’ peace of mind and reduced complaints by 50%.

The Take-away

Ringo has succeeded in creating a truly digitized customer journey, resulting in higher customer retention and acquisition. Consequently, Infobip doubled Ringo Lock’s market potential and Infobip Startup Tribe helped them leverage Infobip’s global experience and coverage to expand their business worldwide.

Joining Infobip Startup Tribe helped us set the foundation for global expansion.

We are always happy to support problem solving startups such as Ringo Lock and look forward to our continuous journey together. Lock on! 🤘


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