Every startup faces common obstacles when scaling and entering a developed market. However, being part of Infobip Startup Tribe, we have the strong support needed to compete with established companies neck-to-neck.

Darko Jovišić, CEO, Robotiq.ai

The Startup

Meet Robotiq.ai, a Zagreb based startup and the star of this story.

Founded in 2018 and currently numbering 20+ employees, this startup entered the RPA (Robotic Process Automation) universe to make a difference in digital transformation by developing a top-notch robotic process automation tool. With the aim of automating every process possible with today’s technology, they are striving to eliminate repetitive manual work and errors that come with. In return, people can focus on more significant and creative aspects of their work making companies more efficient.

The Tribe

It was clear that Robotiq.ai means business when they applied to join the Infobip Startup Tribe just after its initial launch and became one of its first members.
Immediately upon joining, they put the allotted credits to good use for authentication purposes (2FA).
They also joined the Infobip Shift conference where they participated in couple of panels and even won the Jury Prize in the startup pitching contest.

Joining Infobip Startup Tribe opened many possibilities for us, from networking to exposure through conferences and media. Above all, we gained a strategic partner that is helping us grow.

However this was just the beginning of their journey with Infobip.

The Plot Twist

Faced with the increasing need to improve efficiency, Infobip was looking for ways to digitalize internal processes which were highly dependent on manual work. Considering implementing an RPA, Infobip reached out to its Tribe member, Robotiq.ai.

One of the issues that Infobip correctly pinpointed for an RPA was in its LATAM finance department where manual invoicing was taking a lot of time and employees where stuck with this monotonous task instead of focusing on the complex ones.

By joining forces with Infobip’s Digital Transformation Team, Robotiq.ai set out to automate this menial, repetitive process and thus Freddie the bot was created.

Is it a bird, is it a plane? No, it’s Freddie the bot

After a dedicated subject matter expert mapped out the process and Robotiq.ai did the initial robot configuration and outcome testing, Freddie came to life. As Infobip’s first software robot co-worker it was immediately recognized as a valued team member.

The outcome? In just 6 weeks Infobip managed to automatize two of their most labor intense and repetitive tasks with Freddie, confirming that RPA is the step in the right direction. The best thing is that there are no complaints from customers and Freddie works flawlessly in the background, so employees can focus on other value adding tasks at hand.

The Take-away

After initially applying to Infobip Startup Tribe, Robotiq.ai was not only given all the perks that this dedicated startup support program offers, but an opportunity to work with Infobip directly. What started as a proof of concept ended up as a full fledged project, giving Robotiq.ai the opportunity to sign Infobip on as their client, with many joint future projects underway.

The partnership between Infobip and Robotiq.ai is an excellent example of success; both sides have gained a lot! Now, not only do we have access to Infobip products and services, which complement our own, but Robotiq.ai also implements Digital Teammates across Infobip’s departments all over the world. I’m looking forward to seeing what comes next!

We can’t wait to see what’s next in store for this field-defining startup and support them on their journey.

P.S. Why Freddy you wonder? How else are we supposed to name our first robot star if not after one of the biggest rock stars ever? 🤘

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