Through the Infobip Startup Tribe program, we got to test for free, and integrate a product that matches our business needs. The documentation and support service were impeccable, giving us clarity along the way. A helpful step in building a fraud prevention tool like ours.

Tamás Kádár, CEO and Co-Founder, SEON

The startup

Meet SEON, a groundbreaking startup originating from Hungary and a star of this story.

Founded in 2017 and currently numbering 270+ employees in four locations (Budapest, London, Austin and Jakarta) SEON is on a noble quest of democratizing fraud fighting. By making all of the processes and tools to conduct investigations available for everybody around the globe, they want to make Internet a safer place for business. With specialties in banking, crypto, eCommerce and Buy Now, Pay Later (BNPL) sectors, SEON is well-equipped to deal with the demands of modern online fraud prevention.

Since its formation, SEON has served over 5,000 merchants and reviewed over 1 billion transactions. This just goes to prove that, on their watch, no fraudster can slip through the cracks.

The origin

The whole story started back in 2016 when the two co-founders, Tamás Kádár and Bence Jendruszák, met at a university, bonded over shared interest in cryptocurrencies and started their business journey through a crypto project. Being constantly bombarded with fraudsters they started looking for anti-fraud solutions and soon realized that the available tools were very rigid with a long commitment period.

Instead of opting for a bad solution they decided to build their own, recognizing that this might be a better career path for them. The vision soon changed from crypto to fighting fraudsters and the tool they started building for their own use, turned into the main product.

The Tribe

Being a mission driven startup that they are, SEON decided to join the Infobip Startup Tribe and utilize free product credits, one of many perks this program has to offer.

Getting free product credits allowed them to try out different solutions that would benefit them and help them raise the scope of their service. Working closely with the Infobip account management helped them understand the potential behind products and pinpoint the right service for their use case.

In the end SEON opted for Number Lookup, Infobip’s HLR (home location register) service, which compliments their product perfectly.

The takeaway

Finding the right service that will raise the level of your service, and successfully integrating it into the existing product can be a painless process, as SEON has witnessed. Dedicated Infobip Startup Tribe and Account Management teams have proved to be a reliable assistance in navigating the rich Infobip palette, resulting in transparent and efficient process.

The free credits gave us flexibility to look into how the Infobip solutions can benefit both SEON and our clientele. The fantastic and detailed work of account management and support staff has allowed us to find the service that is most applicable to our use case.

Bálint Patkós, Head of Customer Success, SEON

Empowering SEON on their quest of making the internet a safer place for business is a privilege, and we look forward to supporting them in their future efforts. 🤘


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