Base URL

Infobip supports a personalized base URL for API requests. By default, each Infobip client has a slightly different base URL which helps our platform identify the originator of each API request.

To see your base URL, please log in to the Infobip web interface with your Infobip credentials. Once logged in, you should see your base URL in this format:

Why Personalized Base URL?

Infobip strives to offer the best service possible and is doing so by providing multiple data centers all around the world to ensure maximum uptime and minimal latencies.

With your personal base URL, our systems are able to identify your requests on the DNS level and find the most optimal route for API requests, therefore ensuring the best user experience.

Furthermore, a personal base URL helps our support team to be more efficient in case you encounter any sort of issues with the service.

Is Personal Base URL a Secret?

No. Personal base URL is not an authorization method and it can’t be misused for anyone's benefit. It’s merely a level of the API request optimization, and if someone steals another client`s base URL, it might do more damage to them than to the original owner of the URL.