Free Trial

Use the free trial to explore the Infobip platform using SMS and Email, the only channels currently available within this ready-to-go setup.



In the signup process, you will need to verify your email and MSISDN. You don`t need a credit card to create an account and start testing. If your country is not available on the drop-down list, contact Sales for more information.

What Do You Get With Free Trial?  

You will get 14 days of access to the web interface and API, along with 30 free SMS and 30 free email messages.

A few things to keep in mind while testing:

  • Messages in the trial period can be sent only to a mobile phone number and email address you verified during the signup process. 
  • The trial is valid for 14 days or until you spend all of your free units.

Choose a Developer or Business User Environment

During the free trial, you can use the Infobip platform via web-based access or API, or combine both.     

  • You will get an API key to start coding. Visit the Infobip API Resource hub to check the possibilities. 
  • A glimpse at what can be done via web interface once you sign up:

           Send SMS Over Broadcast 
           Send Email Over Broadcast
           Use Target to manage your lists
           Analyze your test campaigns


  • SMS is available as one-way, and, in all areas where possible, a two-way communication.
  • SMS coverage for self signup users is worldwide, with the following exceptions: Crimea, Cuba, India, Iran, Myanmar, North Korea, Oman, South Sudan, Syria, Russian Federation, China, Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Belarus, Kazakhstan, New Zealand, United Arab Emirates, British Indian Ocean Territory, and Nigeria. 
  • You can check the entire Infobip SMS coverage information and regulations in the SMS Coverage and Connectivity article. If you are interested in one of the unsupported countries, contact Sales and we will help you with that.

Senders and Numbers

  • You can set a sender ID of your choice. The default one is InfoSMS. In case your destination does not support that sender, the best-effort sender will be used. 
  • For two-way SMS communication, where available, we have provided a shared VLN (Virtual Long Number) which can be used during the free trial.
  • If you need a number, VLN, or shortcode for your two-way use case, you can buy a number for sending and receiving SMS messages after you upgrade your account to a paying one.


  • The default email domain that you can use during the trial is It has been preset and will appear automatically once you start creating your communication. Refer to the Email product documentation for more details.
  • When you upgrade the account to the paying one, you can set up your own domain. 

Other Channels

SMS and Email are available for testing during the free trial period and also for the full self-serve usage after the upgrade. To enable other channels, shown in the table below, contact our Sales team.




   Mobile App Messaging











   Live Chat        

Upgrade to a Paying Account

What happens once you spend your free messages and want to keep communicating over our platform?
If this self-serve setup fits your use case just fine, upgrade to a paying account:

  1. Leave your correct address.
  2. Choose the online payment method.
  3. Add money to the account balance.

Prices for SMS and Email can be found on the pricing page. The paying model is prepaid, pay-as-you-go per message sent.

If there is any additional information that you need, please contact Sales.