Manage Users

Browse through this section for quick instructions and tips on how to manage users. This is where you will find most, if not all, answers to questions related to creating and enabling or disabling users, viewing detailed user information, and more.


The following content covers the latest version of the Settings module, available only to new customers who joined after April 1, 2020. The existing customers will be migrated to the new Settings module in the upcoming weeks.

Create User

Whenever you want to create a new user, go to the USERS & TEAMS page and click NEW USER. Add the new user details, assign roles, and select a team or teams for them.


The USERNAME you choose when filling in the new user details cannot be changed later.

user profile cards in account settings

The user will receive an email to the email address specified on the User details card (below), together with instructions on how to set the password.

user card with details
The email validation is done automatically. Phone validation requires additional steps: you will receive a code to enter on the Infobip web interface.

As soon as the user sets their password, you will be able to see their last login information. You will also see a green checkmark next to the email address - this is a confirmation that the email address has been verified. The green checkmark next to the mobile number confirms that the telephone number has been verified too. In the scenario below, the user has not verified their mobile number.

user login information on communication platform

You can create an unlimited number of users on your account and assign any roles you want to them. 

Disable / Enable User

Want to remove access for an employee user account?

Click the Profile icon and select Settings. Go to the USERS & TEAMS page, select the user in question and turn on the DISABLE USER toggle.

disable or enable users in settings
This user won't be able to log in anymore and will not receive any notifications. However, the user will remain on the list of users, but their status will show as disabled.


You can’t disable yourself.

Unlock User

When the user gets locked after several unsuccessful attempts to log in to their account, the Account Manager (user role) can go to the Infobip web interface and help them out. Account Manager will check the last login and account information in USERS & TEAMS > Users, and – if they decide to do so – unlock the user.

After the Account Manager does their part, the user will receive an email with instructions on how to reset the password.

View and Manage Users

On the Users page, view the list of your users and quickly scan the basic user information, such as their status (enabled/disabled), roles, team membership. Once you select a specific user, you will see their detailed information.  

You can also choose to disable or enable users with quick actions (three dots menu).

manage users in settings

Another handy feature on the Users page is the ability to quickly download the list of users and user information.

exporting list of users and user information