Microsoft Dynamics 365 Marketing

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Marketing is a marketing-automation application that helps turn prospects into business relationships. The app is easy to use, works seamlessly with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales, and has built-in business intelligence. It is built exclusively on the new unified interface for MS Dynamics 365 applications (responsive web design providing an optimal viewing and interaction experience on any device).

It enables businesses to:

  • Create and nurture leads
  • Align sales and marketing
  • Make informed decisions
  • Innovate with an adaptable platform
  • Communicate with customers via multiple channels

A bundle of apps and solutions, carefully selected to support marketing departments, are included.

Create and send multiple marketing campaigns with Infobip extension for SMS and Viber. Under the messaging tab, create templates, send and track messages, and create actions based on delivery reports. This feature is currently available only with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Marketing.


Using customer journeys, create a model that helps guide members of a selected marketing segment through the process by using automated messaging, activity generation, interactive decision points, and more. With Infobip messaging larger, audiences can be reached through their preferred communication channels which in turn increases the success rate of a marketing campaign.

Solution offers two communication channels:

  • SMS
  • Viber

It also provides two ways to send messages:

  • Using the Customer Journey (campaigns)
  • Using the Message form (single)


No matter how you choose to send a message, there are certain requirements before your can use our solution.

We recommended to have the following prepared and configured before deployment:

  1. Infobip account with at least one number used for sending messages. Not that different communication channels require different setup.
  2. Infobip configuration needs to be valid.
  3. Sender activities need to be active.

In the upcoming sections of this guide, we show you how to integrate our solution with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Marketing.

This guide presumes you are familiar with the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Marketing application and custom entities used in the solution.


Send SMS and Viber messages via Infobip Messaging Integration for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Marketing.

To start sending SMS messages with Infobip, you’ll need sign up and enable SMS as a channel. It is free, no credit card required to test. Once you have the account, you will get the API key you need to enable sending SMS and Viber from Infobip Messaging Integration for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Marketing.

If you already have an Infobip account, contact your dedicated Customer Success Manager.


SMS is available for you in the self-serve mode. Sign up and start using right away. To enable Viber, you’ll also need to sign up for this channel. Contact us.

Signup Process

To sign up and get your API key, please follow these steps:

  1. Fill out the sign up form. Be sure to provide accurate information.
  2. Verify your email.
  3. Choose your credentials (username and password) for accessing the web interface.
  4. Verify your mobile phone number in the the web interface.
  5. You will receive 50 free SMS messages to test our solution.

Please check the pricing that applies once you run out of free SMS messages. Also, check the SMS coverage and regulations.

Once your account is created, log in and you will land on the Homepage where you can find a pre-generated API key.

Infobip web interface home page

User Guide

To start using the Infobip Messaging Integration for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Marketing, follow the instructions within this guide.

Make sure to explore additional sections available on the Infobip web interface:

  • Additional links provide you with more information about how to pay for a service (with your credit card or PayPal), how to get support and check what Infobip API can offer to you.
  • To check the performance of your SMS traffic, explore the Dashboard available in the Analyze module that will give you more info about the volume of the messages, delivery rate, cost, and more.

Paying for the Messaging Service

Once you run out of free messages, any new sent message will be charged. To top-up, click Add Funds.

Before you start adding funds to your account balance you will need to:

  • Provide us with your Customer Information—for you as an individual or for the company. Be sure to enter the right data, as you can’t change it once it is submitted. All invoices will be issued based on the information provided.
  • Refer to the Pricing page. Any change in prices that might occur for one or more destinations will be communicated to you via email you signed up with.
  • By accepting Service Terms and Conditions and reading the Privacy Policy you are entering into the binding relationship with Infobip.

The Pay as you go model works in the following way:

  • Add funds to your account balance via online payment.
  • We charge for SMS sent by deducting the charged amount from the balance.

You can always check the amount remaining on the balance on the Homepage. 


Didn’t find what you were looking for in this section? Email us your question to and we will get back to you.

Be sure to name your account name in the email (you can find it under the Add Funds button).

Install Infobip Solution

Installation needs to be performed by a user with the System Administrator role.

  1. Click Get it now and sign in with your MS Dynamics credentials and click Continue. You will be redirected to your MS Dynamics instance for installation.

Infobip SMS and Viber for Dynamics Marketing

  1. Choose the organization and accept the Microsoft terms to continue with the installation.

Microsoft Dynamics installation - Infobip

  1. You will be redirected to the MS Dynamics 365 Administration Center where you can keep track of all your solutions and pending installations.

Manage your solutions - Dynamics 365 Administration Center

  1. Once the the installation has finished, the Infobip plugin will be visible in the Marketing application


After deployment, it’s necessary to connect Infobip Account with MS Dynamics to use Infobip messaging services. To use the Infobip messaging channels, it’s necessary to have an Infobip account with SMS and/or Viber senders registered. Refer to the Create Account for more details on how to create the Infobip account.


It’s necessary that the first configuration is created by a System administrator, in order to give proper consent to Infobip to send MO messages and delivery reports to MS Dynamics.

Create New Infobip Account

  1. Navigate to Marketing > Settings > Configuration and give consent to the Infobip application to access your MS Dynamics Instance. 

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Infobip - configuration

  1. Click New to create new Configuration file.

New Infobip configuration - API

  1. If you click the Learn how to get Infobip API key, you will be redirected to the registration form. 

MS Dynamics Plugin from Infobip

  1. After you've registered, check your email inbox for confirmation email. Click the confirmation link and enter your new username and password.

  2. Once you've set up your login credentials. In the web interface, you will see your API key.

Infobip Web Interface - API key

Treat this data seriously and confidentially. Never share the API key with anyone. Change API keys at least once a year.  Manage your API keys by clicking MANAGE API KEYS on the homepage.

Change API keys

  1. Copy-paste the API key into the configuration file, name your configuration file, and save it.

Change Infobip API configuration

Create API key

  1. After all the necessary data is filled out and saved, it’s necessary to set the configuration to live. It’s possible to have multiple configurations but only one can be live, which can be convenient when having multiple SMS or Viber senders.

set the configuration to live

  1. Test the service. This is done by sending a single message which is explained under the Sending Messages section.

You have 50 free messages for testing purposes. 

Once you spend your free messages, standard charging will apply. To top-up your account, click Add Funds. Before you add funds to your account you need to:

  • Provide Customer Information – individual or company information. Be sure to enter the right data as you can’t change it once it is submitted. All invoices will be issued based on the information provided.
  • Check the pricing for SMS. Any change in prices will be communicated via email.
  • By accepting Service Terms and Conditions and reading the Privacy Policy you are entering into the binding relationship with Infobip.

For more info about dedicated SMS numbers, refer to SMS Sender Registration.


Viber has a separate registration process. To register as a Viber sender, contact your dedicated Customer Success Manager.

Connect an Existing Infobip Account

If you already have an active Infobip account with SMS and/or Viber senders registered, input your API key to connect with MS Dynamics.

The first configuration should be done by the system administrator to give proper consent for Infobip to send MO messages and delivery reports to MS Dynamics.

  1. Navigate to Marketing > Settings > Configuration.

Connect an existing Infobip Account with MS Dynamics

  1. Click New to create the configuration file, enter the Infobip account API key and Viber sender number (if you are also using Viber). Name your configuration.

Create new Infobip API configuration

To find your API key, log in to the web interface, click MANAGE API KEYS.

Infobip API keys

  1. Set the configuration to live. It’s possible to have multiple configurations but only one can be live, which is convenient when having multiple Viber senders.

Confirm go live

Test the service. To find out how to send a single message, refer to the Sending Messages section.

Possible Configuration Errors

When creating new configurations, MS Dynamics checks the the Infobip platform to verify if the API key is correct. If there are any mistakes in the API key, the following error will occur:

Configuration erros

In case a Viber sender number in the configuration file hasn’t been writen properly, when sending a single messages to test the service, the delivery report will return an error as shown below.

New Infobip Viber message - configuration error

In case there is no live Infobip configuration, the following errors will occur:

  • When sending single messages

There is no live Infobip configuration

  • When activating Customer Journeys

Business process error - there is no live Infobip configuration

SMS Sender Registration

When you create the Infobip account, you will get 50 free SMS messages with a default SMS sender InfoSMS.

The use of this sender is limited in some countries due to different regulations. Therefore, it’s necessary that you buy a dedicated VLN number, or register a dedicated alphanumeric or Short Code sender. To this in the web interface > Settings > Numbers > Buy Numbers.

If you want a Short Code or an alphanumerical sender, contact us and we will assist you with the registration process.

Send Messages

In this section, we go over how to send message.


Before you send any messages, create a template. This can be done under the Infobip Messaging tab or when you are sending the messages.

The figure below shows how to create a Viber template using the Infobip Messaging tab.

When the template is finished and saved, go live before using the template for campaigns. Once you make templates live, it’s not possible to change the content of the message anymore.

New Infobip Viber Template

Send a Single Message

Sending a single message is a feature primarily intended for testing.

By sending a message to a single device, you can test the visual aspect and the personalization feature that enables you to use placeholders from the selected Contact entity.

All the messages created this way will have a notification informing the user it was created manually.

Create New Messages

When selecting a template, all the data will be populated automatically based on the selection and the fields will be locked.

A new template can also be generated within this tab. You can select a contact from your contact list or input the number manually.

SMS template

When the entity is saved, click Send.

The message will have a Waiting Status until the message has been sent. After that, the status will be updated accordingly when the delivery report is pushed to the platform.

Send Multiple Messages (Customer Journey)

When using Customers journeys, it’s possible to create Customer journey templates which can be used multiple times or start from scratch with a blank template.

If you choose a blank template, it’s necessary to design the entire journey and fill in the necessary data. Remember that before using a template you need to set it to Go Live. This is done to avoid the potential problem of changing the template data in the middle of the Customer journey execution which would result in different message content based on the same template.

When the Status Reason is Live, the Stop button will appear.

Press it to change the Status Reason to Stopped. This will enable the Name field and the template will not be available for selection in Customer journey.

You can only use the Stop button if the template is not being used in any of the Live Customer journeys. If that is not the case, there will be a notification, and the action will be prevented.

Whether you go live or stop the template, a confirmation dialog will pop up before the action is executed informing you of the changes and consequences of this action.

Create a New Customer Journey

In this example, we use a blank template and build the campaign from scratch.

Customer journey templates - MS Dynamics - Infobip

Insert Custom Channel in the Customer Journey

  1. From the Customer Journey Toolbox, under the Custom content section, select the custom channel tile.

Custom channel file - MS Dynamics

  1. Pick the template for SMS/Viber.
  2. Select the custom channel in the designer and select the template under the Properties tab.

Customer journey templates

  1. The custom channel tile displays the template name.

Template name

  1. Save the selected templates and they will be associated with the customer journey. This enables the validation previously mentioned in the Go Live/Stop (Template) step. You can inspect the relations by going to the Infobip SMS/Viber Templates under the Related tab in Customer Journey.

When going over the template details, you can also view the associated Customer Journeys under the Related tab.

Two-way Messaging and Trigger Events

After Infobip extension tiles, it’s possible to use trigger tiles to set an action which will be executed based on the delivery report or returned message from the end user via SMS or Viber.

For example, you can make a failover scenario which involves Viber, SMS, or recognize keywords from customer responses.

Trigger events

In the example bellow, the campaign is primarily sent to Viber users. If the message is not delivered within one hour then it will be sent via SMS instead. After the campaign is started, you can see how many contacts have entered the flow and in which way.

Viber campaign MS Dynamics

In these examples 2 way messaging is shown. Customers are sent a simple YES or NO questions, and with keyword recognition they are getting the desired response.

Viber example:

SMS Example:

Go Live

After the journey is good to go, click Go Live.

When going live, check is performed to determine if the Infobip custom channels are being used. If that is the case, all the templates used in those custom channels have their Status Reason checked. If it is not Live (e.g., it was Stopped after it had been selected), the action is canceled, and an error pop-up is displayed indicating at least one of the templates is not in status Live. 

When the Customer Journey starts, it will run through the flow for each Contact in the segment. When the execution reaches the custom channel tile, it will create the message (Status Reason – Waiting) based on the selected template.

The workflow will be triggered on Create event of the message entity and it will perform the logic necessary to send the message to the Contact. After the message is sent, the Status Reason will be updated accordingly when the delivery report is pushed to the platform. 

It is important to remember that the Contact may have different communication preferences. When inspecting the Contact entity, navigate to Details and find the Contact Preferences section.

There are fields for each of the custom communication channels which indicate if the Contact wants to communicated through that channel. If set to Do not Allow, no message will be created in the Customer Journey for that channel.

Message Personalization

This feature enables you to define placeholders which will be replaced with values from the related Contact entity.

Go live button - message personalization

To define a placeholder, you need to use double curly brackets to open and close a placeholder. Also, a field's logical name needs to be used as the  placeholder content.

For example, if you want to personalize a message by greeting the user using their name, you would define a message text like this: Hi {{firstname}}!

When inspecting messages created in the Customer Journey, you will see that the message text contains bound values. That is not the case when sending a single message, so you will still see a placeholder in the message text.

Available placeholders:

Real Value

Variable name {{x}}

First Name


Last Name


Full Name


Job Title


Account Name




Business Phone


Mobile Phone




Address 1


Address 1: Country/Region


Address 1:County


Address 1:City


Address 1:Address Type










Relationship Type


The Infobip solution also enables use of emoticons. Open the emoticon window and add emoticons by pressing the Windows + Colon (:) keys

Viber template message emojis

Delivery Reports and SMS MO

For delivery reports and mobile originated messages to work, Infobip needs to push some information towards MS Dynamics platform. To do this, Infobip needs certain data from MS Dynamics which can be obtained by sending a single test message. Contact your dedicated Account Manager to set up DLRs and MOs. 

Add Users and Manage Roles

When you add a new user, it’s necessary to configure the access to the Infobip messaging solution. It’s possible to choose between the Infobip Messaging User or the Infobip Messaging Admin. As Admins, users can create, modify or delete the configuration after System Administrator has created the first configuration. Messaging users can only use the solution and don't have access to Infobip configuration.

Manage Users and roles

Additional Features


To allow proper validation and better data segmentation, several relations were implemented which you can use to track where each entity was used and how they associate with one another:

Customer Journey

  • Infobip SMS/Viber Messages
  • Infobip SMS/Viber Templates

Infobip SMS/Viber Template

  • Infobip SMS/Viber Messages
  • Customer Journeys


  • Infobip SMS/Viber Messages

Associated entities can be found under the dedicated (in SMS/Viber Template) or under the Related tab in each of the entities.

By using these relations, the entire messaging solution is checked and ensured.

For example, it’s not possible to Go Live with Customer Journey if all the associated message templates are not Live and vice versa. This means you will never be able to Stop the message template if it is being used in a Live Customer Journey.


Infobip solution enables tracking messaging preferences for each contact. In case there’s a confirmation from the client side, (for example subscription process filled online) there is a box in a contact info which can be ticked.

Consent contact preferences

It’s important to differentiate this from Viber and Infobip blocklist. Some countries require an unsubscribe option when sending SMS messages. If users click on the unsubscribe link, they will be added the Infobip Do Not Contact list.

When receiving Viber messages for the first time, users will be asked to confirm that they want to receive messages from that sender. If they do not agree, the sender will not be able to send any more messages. Users can also unsubscribe at any moment if they wish to do so.

These blocklists are not connected to the Contact Preferences tile. Contact Preference tile’s purpose is to keep track of consent given by users directly to the enterprises.