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This article covers how to install the Infobip plugin to enable SMS and Viber messaging in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Marketing

Before you proceed, be sure to read the SMS Coverage and Connectivity, as well as Viber Compliance and Guidelines.

Check out the SMS and Viber pricing (opens in a new tab) over Dynamics 365 Marketing.


The solution offers two communication channels:

  • SMS
  • Viber

It also provides two ways to send messages:

  • Using the Customer Journey (campaigns)
  • Using the Message form (single)


  1. Infobip account. If you don't have an account, sign up.
  2. SMS and/or Viber sender.
  3. API key.

Signup Process

  1. Fill out the Messaging Integration for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Marketing signup form (opens in a new tab). Be sure to provide accurate information.
  2. Verify your email.
  3. Choose your credentials (username and password).
  4. Log in to the web interface (opens in a new tab) and verify your mobile phone number in the web interface.
  5. Once you verify your phone number you can find your pre-generated API key on the homepage or here under API Keys (opens in a new tab). You can also generate API keys on your own.
Free Trial - Infobip and Microsoft Dynamics 365 Marketing

Once you signup, testing SMS and Viber senders will be added automatically to your account. You can use these to test out the solution before you request your dedicated senders.

In the upcoming sections of this guide, learn how to install the Infobip plugin in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Marketing.


This guide presumes you're already familiar with the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Marketing application and custom entities used in the solution.

Installation Guide

Installation needs to be performed by a user with the System Administrator role.

  1. Go to the Microsoft AppSource and find SMS and Viber for Dynamics Marketing (opens in a new tab). Click Get it now and sign in with your MS Dynamics credentials and click Continue.
Infobip plugin for Dynamics Marketing
  1. You will be redirected to your Power Platform admin center. Choose the organization and accept the Microsoft terms to continue with the installation. The installation might take a few minutes.
Install SMS and Viber plugin for Dynamics Marketing Installation pending
  1. Once the installation has finished, the Infobip plugin will be visible in the Dynamics Marketing application.
Plugin installation successful

Connect Infobip and Microsoft Dynamics

After the installation it is necessary to connect the Infobip account with Microsoft Dynamics to use the Infobip messaging services.


The first configuration must be created by a System administrator, in order to give proper consent to Infobip to send MO messages and delivery reports to MS Dynamics.

  1. Navigate to Marketing > Settings > InfobipConfiguration and give consent to the Infobip application to access your MS Dynamics Instance.
Give consent
  1. Click New to create a new Configuration file.
New Infobip configuration - API
  1. Name your configuration. Insert the API key you copied from the Infobip web interface and then enter the name of your Viber sender. (if you are using Viber, for example).
Infobip API configuration
  1. Once this configuration is saved, move it to live. You can have multiple saved configurations but only one can be live.
Go live
  1. Test the service by sending a single message. For information on how to do this, refer to the Send a Single Message section of this guide.

Possible Configuration Errors

When creating new configurations, Microsoft Dynamics checks with the Infobip platform to verify if the API key is correct. If there are any mistakes in the API key, you will get the following error:

Configuration error - business process error

In case you haven't entered the Viber sender number properly when sending that single test message, you'll get this error:

Configuration error - rejected source

If you don't have a live configuration, you might get these errors below.

When sending single messages:

Configuration error - no live configuration

When activating Customer Journeys:

Configuration error - no live configuration

Delivery Reports and Incoming Messages

For delivery reports and incoming messages to work, Infobip needs to push them towards the Microsoft Dynamics platform. To do this, Infobip needs your Service Root URL. Find the Service Root URL under Settings > Advanced Settings > Settings > Customizations > Developer Resources > Service Root URL.

Add Users and Manage Roles

When you add a new user, it’s necessary to configure their access to the Infobip messaging solution. You can choose between the Infobip Messaging User or the Infobip Messaging Admin.

As Admins, users can create, modify or delete the configuration after System Administrator has created the first configuration. Messaging users can only use the solution and do not have access to the Infobip configuration.

Manager User Roles

User Guide

In this section, we will cover how to send single messages or build customer journeys.


Before you send any messages, you have to create a template. To this under the Infobip Messaging.

Create new Viber template

A new window will open where you will have to configure your template. Name and the message body are mandatory, while rich media features are not.

New Viber template

Once you have finished and saved your template, move it to live to use it. Note that you cannot edit the template content while it's is in the live stage.

Send a Single Message

By sending a message to a single device, you can test the visual aspect and the personalization feature that enables you to use placeholders from the selected Contact entity. All messages created this way will have a notification informing the user it was created manually.

You can send single messages via Viber Messages or SMS Messages under the Infobip Messaging tab.

New Infobip Viber message

Once the entity is saved, click Send.

The message will have a Waiting Status until the message has been sent. After that, the status will be updated accordingly when the delivery report is pushed to the platform.

Send Multiple Messages (Customer Journey)

When using Customer Journeys, you can create customer journey templates using SMS or Viber tiles or you can build journeys each time from scratch.

  1. Create a new journey and choose how your end users will enter the flow.
  2. In the customer journey designer, add a custom channel action.
New customer journey
  1. Choose Infobip SMS or Infobip Viber. Then choose one of the SMS/Viber templates you have already configured.
Add a template to customer journey
  1. Save the journey. Click Go live to activate it.

Two-way Messaging and Trigger Events

With native MS Dynamics triggers it’s possible to create two-way customer journeys, or journeys triggered depending on the message delivery.

A great example is a message failover scenario. The message is sent over Viber first. Then, in case your end users don’t receive it for whatever reason, the same message is then sent over SMS.

Two-way messaging

Another example is when customers are notified about a new store with a question if they want more information. If they answer YES, another message will be sent.

Two-way messaging

Opt Ins

When contacting customers over Viber, it’s important to have their opt in. This is also the case for SMS in some countries.

Because of this, our Infobip solution introduces two additional fields in the contact details. If these fields are set to Do Not Allow contacts, all messages sent to such customers through Customer Journeys will be dropped.

Do not allow contacts

It’s important to differentiate this from Viber and Infobip do not contact lists!

Some countries require an unsubscribe option when sending SMS messages. If end users click on the unsubscribe link, they will be added to the Infobip Do Not Contact list.

When receiving Viber messages for the first time, end users will be asked to confirm that they want to receive messages from that sender. If they do not agree, they won’t receive any messages from this sender in the future. If they agree, they can unsubscribe at any moment.

These lists are not connected to the Contact Preferences tile. Contact Preference tile’s purpose is to keep track of the consent given by users directly to the enterprises.

Message Personalization

This feature enables you to define placeholders which will be replaced with values from the related Contact entity.

To define a placeholder, use double curly brackets to open and close a placeholder. Also, a field's logical name needs to be used as the placeholder content.

For example, if you want to personalize a message by greeting the user using their name, you will define a message text like this: Hi {{firstname}}!

When inspecting messages created in the Customer Journey, you will see that the message text contains bound values. That is not the case when sending a single message, so you will still see a placeholder in the message text.

Here are the available placeholders:

Real ValueVariable name {{x}}
First Namefirstname
Last Namelastname
Full Namefullname
Job Titlejobtitle
Account Nameparentcustomerid
Business Phonetelephone1
Mobile Phonemobilephone
Address 1address1_composite
Address 1: Country/Regionaddress1_country
Address 1:Countyadress1_county
Address 1:Cityaddress1_city
Address 1:Address Typeaddress1_addresstypecode
Relationship Typecustomertypecode

The Infobip solution also enables using emoticons. Open the emoticon window and add emoticons by pressing the Windows + Colon (:) keys

Viber template message emojis

Tips & Tricks

Make sure to explore additional sections available within the Infobip web interface:

  • Additional links provide more information about how to pay for a service (with your credit card or PayPal), how to get support, and check what Infobip API can offer to you.
  • To check the performance of your SMS or Viber traffic, navigate to the Analyze (opens in a new tab) module. There you'll see messages volume, delivery rate, cost, and insights. Read more about Analyze.

Messaging Service Payments

Once you run out of free messages, any new sent message will be charged. To top-up, navigate to Settings > Payments (opens in a new tab) and click ADD FUNDS.

Before you start adding funds to your account balance you will need to:

  • Provide us with your Customer Information—for you as an individual or for the company. Be sure to enter the right data, as you can’t change it once it is submitted. All invoices will be issued based on the information provided.
  • Refer to the Pricing (opens in a new tab) page. Any change in prices that might occur for one or more destinations will be communicated to you via email you signed up with.
  • By accepting Service Terms and Conditions (opens in a new tab) and reading the Privacy Policy (opens in a new tab) you are entering into the binding relationship with Infobip.

The Pay as you go model works in the following way:

  • Add funds to your account balance via online payment.
  • Infobip charges for SMS sent by deducting the charged amount from the balance.
  • All Viber messages sent through Dynamics Marketing are considered promotional messages. Read more about Viber Message Types.

You can always check the amount remaining on the balance on the web interface homepage.


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