Sales Cloud

Sales Cloud is a widely used CRM system and is part of the Salesforce product offering. Connect your Sales Cloud to the Infobip platform to synchronize and communicate with contacts and leads through all available supported channels.


You can integrate with the following Infobip solutions:

  • People
  • SMS
  • WhatsApp
  • Viber

What you will need

You will need to complete the following steps below in order to connect to your Sales Cloud account.

API authorization

API authorization is required to enable SMS communications between your Salesforce account and Infobip.

  1. Log in to Salesforce and go to Setup
  2. In the Quick Find box enter "Named Credentials" and navigate to that setup page
  3. Hit New Named Credential and provide your credentials: - Name- Enter "InfoBip_APIKey". Caution: any mismatches will result in failure - Label- Provide a descriptive label relevant for your reference - URL- Provide your API base URL - Identify Type - Set this to Named Principal - Authentication Protocol - Set this to Password Authentication - Username- This is required for Salesforce. Infobip suggests to set this to "Anonymous" - Password- Provide your API key. Do not include the ‘App’ prefix used in the authorization header as this is automatically added - Allow Merge Fields in HTTP Header Enable this option. Leave the other options as unchecked
Screen for entering Infobip API key
  1. Hit Save to action your changes

If you are running into any issues, you can see the help documentation (opens in a new tab) by Salesforce for assistance.

User permissions

You will need to assign the appropriate user permissions in Salesforce in order for users to have access to app components and edit rights.

  • AppUser grants basic access to components, creating new messages, and basic functional permissions. This role should be assigned to users of the app
  • AppAdmin grants app admin permissions and includes actions like viewing all messages in the org, deletion rights, editing custom fields and metadata record values
  • AppGuest is predestined to be assigned to a guest user and has access only to the fields that are required to perform URL tracking updates. Assignment of this permission set is a part of URL tracking configuration

To assign permissions log into Salesforce and go to SetupManage Users. Select a user and assign them the required permissions in the Permission Set Assignments section.

If you are running into any issues, you can see the help documentation (opens in a new tab) by Salesforce for assistance.

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