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Confirm Transaction with Interactive Push

MAM - Confirm Transaction with Interactive Push - high-level overview

2FA is the industry standard for financial enterprises to confirm all sensitive operations and access to clients’ finances. The most common way of performing 2FA is to send SMS messages to end customers with one-time passwords to confirm the operation.  

As more and more banks go digital and increase their presence in developing banking mobile applications, 2FA with interactive push notifications is becoming more popular. It is a secure way to get confirmation from your client and build a habit for them to interact with the mobile application. 

Delivered either on a lock screen or as an in-app message, interactive notifications request from the client to confirm a financial transaction and can be complemented with an SMS message to create a failover scenario. 

This use case demonstrates an effective way to send interactive push notifications to your end users and how user feedback is received through API. 

Process Workflow

MAM - Confirm Transaction with Interactive Push - process workflow


Setup over web interface

1. Log in to the Infobip web interface.

2. Click on the registered application you will use to send the push notification and copy the Application code.

MAM - Confirm Transaction with Interactive Push - copy application code

Steps over API

1. Create an API request to send push notification to your end user. Use the copied application code instead of {{__APP CODE__}} parameter.

    "from": "{{__APP CODE__}}",
    "to": {
        "pushRegistrationId": "4296335A-0893-44BE-B686-C9C6921C59B4"
    "text": "You are trying to make a payment of USD 100 from your account to XYZ.COM online shop. Please confirm the payment or contact us immediately at +1234123123  if it was not you who initiated the operation",
    "notificationOptions": {
        "soundEnabled": true,
        "badge": 1,
        "inAppStyle" : "MODAL",
	"category" : "mm_accept_decline"

Use MODAL as the value of inAppStyle parameter for the notification to be displayed as a modal dialog in case the mobile application is running in the foreground. By default, only Accept and Decline buttons are supported for interactive push notifications.

Please refer to Notification options for more details.

To receive app user’s response in real time, you need to configure HTTP forward method for mobile application profile on the Infobip web interface. To do that:

  1. Get a list of all registered applications and find yours
  2. Get the list of configurations for your application
  3. Make sure you have configured an HTTP_FORWARD action. If not, configure it and provide the webhook address of your system to capture user responses.

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