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Inform Customers About Promotions

Informing your customers regularly about new product catalogs, new collections in stores or sending a special offer can help you boost traffic to your store and e-commerce sites, as well as increase customer loyalty. Promote your products or services by sending direct messages to existing or potential customers. Take advantage of using the multiple channels that Platform supports and get personal with placeholders, which can help you create a personalized message for every recipient.


Steps over Web Interface

1. Log in to the Infobip web interface, navigate to the Communicate module and click CREATE BROADCAST.

2. Enter the Broadcast Name (e.g., Promo).

3. Click To and select audience (e.g., New Customers segment.)

4. Click From to select the sender you wish to use.

5. Enter Content.

For example:

Hi firstName, check out the new limited-edition running shoes: https://site.com/new - 10% off this weekend!

Use Placeholders to create personalized messages.

6. Click ANALYZE and check summary data and how the message looks

7. Click LAUNCH.

Broadcast use case - Inform Customers About Promotions - launch campaign


Depending on your use case and client preferences, you can use different channels to send your promotions, like SMS, Email, Push or Voice.

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