New to Moments: Web Push Notifications

Web push notifications are now supported by our customer engagement hub, Moments, as part of the March 2021 release.

Here we explore how they help convert your site visitors into loyal subscribers. We also take a look at everything else you need to know about our latest Moments update.

How web push notifications grow your marketing reach

With average opt-in rates ranging anywhere from 5% to 15%, web push notifications have a higher engagement rate than email – and they’re one of the most effective marketing tactics for growing your subscriber database.

This simple, alert-style channel offers a unique benefit: you can reach users as they browse online, regardless of whether they’re on your own website.

Also known as “browser notifications,” web push notifications pop up on the customer’s mobile and desktop screens when their browser is open. They look similar to mobile push notifications and feature:

  • a short headline of 45-60 characters
  • body text
  • an image
  • a call-to-action button, with a URL link to your website.

The easy opt-in process requires very little effort. The user simply needs to give their browser permission to send them notifications.

Crucially, there’s no need for an individual to provide any personal information in order to receive these alerts.

The business benefits of web push notifications

Adding web push notifications to your marketing mix offers a host of business benefits:

  • High opt-in rates, with a one-step opt-in process
  • Higher opening rates than other channels, such as email
  • High engagement rates
  • Cookie-independent

But web push notifications are far more effective when they’re combined with powerful personalization and segmentation. And this is where a solution like Moments makes all the difference.

Web Push Notifications + Moments = high retention rates

With powerful segmentation, automation, and personalization options, Moments provides a host of different ways to create compelling customer journeys for your web push audience.

Our customer engagement hub takes your web push strategy to the next level, enabling you to:

  • Segment customers
  • Create messaging sequences
  • Trigger a message based on a customer’s on-site behavior
  • Personalize message content
  • Optimize send time
  • A/B test

Moments can also be used to manage customer communication if your web push subscriber signs up for a newsletter or shares contact data, such as a phone number.

What’s more, Moments offers multichannel orchestration and customer data management, helping you market to customers using channels such as mobile push, email, voice, SMS, WhatsApp, chat apps, and more.

What else is new to Moments in March 2021?

The Moments March release brings a host of other benefits and new features:

Page view event: track browsing behavior

Page visits are now automatically tracked when a customer browses your website. Improve personalization by using the new event and its rich attributes, including location, language, time zone, device, and browser settings.

A 360° customer profile view

Individual customer profiles now offer a full 360-degree view, including all attributes, segments, tags, and behaviors – in a modern, user-friendly format.

Send-time optimization (Beta)

STO, our newest AI-powered feature, lets you connect with customers at the optimal time by calculating the best time to send a message based on an individual’s previous actions. Learn more about send-time optimization in Moments.

Salesforce CRM and MS Dynamics integrations (Beta)

Our new, no-code audience synchronization plugins enable you to link your favorite CRM to our People database, allowing for a smooth and safe data transfer between the two systems.

Learn more about the Moments March release

For more information on what’s new to Moments, check out the full March 2021 release notes.

Mar 30th, 2021
3 min read