Infobip at DevRelCon Yokohama

Infobip’s Developer Relations team will participate in DevRelCon Yokohama on the 10th & 11th of March, with three talks delivered by Julia Biro, Head of Developer Relations, Mike Elsmore, Senior Developer Advocate, and Marijan Cipcic, Tech Community Manager.

Julia Biro will talk about Maslow’s pyramid of developer needs. In this session, she will put developers front and center by looking at the developer community’s needs when interacting with a developer product. Then, she will arrange these needs into a hierarchical order following Maslow’s pyramid as a template. By the end of the session, we’ll have a clear overview of the most important factors that influence a product’s developer experience.

Mike Elsmore‘s keynote title is “Streaming after a pandemic.” The key points that Mike is covering in this talk are:

  • Why streaming became a thing and grew to the point that it made changes on the platforms.
  • Stats on growth and continued value.
  • How to use streaming for content generation and engagement.
  • Why keeping it as part of your broader strategy has value for individual contributors and brands.
  • If an IC or a brand isn’t streaming, where to do it, and what’s the minimum equipment needed.

Marijan Cipcic will talk about building developer ecosystems in Africa. He will describe the current state of the developer ecosystem in Africa and outline Infobip’s initiative of building dev communities by organizing in-person meetups across the continent.