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Avoid Form Abandonment

high level diagram for form abandonment

You know what makes for a successful online form: simple, short, with clear guidelines. But even the best of forms get abandoned for different reasons; users might leave at some point because they don`t have all the required information or they get interrupted while trying to complete the form. This use case will help you increase the form completion rate.

We will be focusing on the finance industry, but the same process could be applied to other sectors. We will show you how to use our communication platform and SMS messages to track the activity of registered customers and based on it remind them to finish filling out a request related to an investment fund or some other bank product available online.


Process Workflow

process diagram for form abandonment use case



Before using the Infobip visual builder, Flow, you need to create events (user activities) that will be a part of your communication.

This is how to do it:

On our web interface, go to People > Events > External Events > New Event Definition and create the event that will start the communication flow. 

event definition on communication platform

The instructions for developers about the event tracking are available on the Events page, under the Web SDK Library tab.

web sdk library

track events using sdk library

Set up tracking using the FillOutFormStarted event Definition ID that you created for this communication. Copy the tracking method code to the body of your website. Repeat the process for every event you plan to use.

set up event tracking


Event tracking is possible when customers are logged in to your website.

Steps Over Web Interface

  1. Go to the Moments module, click Create FlowStart from Scratch.
  2. As your starting point, select Trigger > People Real-Time Event.
  3. Click the People Real-Time Event trigger to select your previously configured FillOutFormStarted event. This is now an action that your communication flow will be waiting for.

event trigger on communication platform

  1. Add the Wait for an event element with the Fill Out Form Finished event and set the wait time – how long you want to wait before sending a reminder. Now the Flow will know when the customer has completed the form and send either a thank you message or another reminder, but only after the specified wait time.

event tracking on communication platform

  1. Add SMS to the building canvas. In Advanced Options in the side panel, select the Track URL Clicks check box to be able to get metrics for your communication. 

send sms via cpaas


Within this element, you can also set up the message delivery time and sending speed.

  1. To continue communication that is based on the customer reaction or lack of reaction to the SMS message, add another Wait for an event block and Click happened message status because you want to know how to steer your further communication. Remember to set the Wait Time – for example, you want to wait 2 days before sending another reminder to the customer who did not click the first message.

event triggering further communication

              To be able to track the SMS clicked event, select it in People > Internal Events > Channel Events.

user clicks in channel events

  1. Send the second message to those who didn`t react to the first one. Remember to select the Track URL Clicks for SMS metrics.

sms message on cpaas

  1. Validate and Launch your communication!

communication flow in form abandonment

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