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Inform Customers of Their Order and Delivery Status

Order details and delivery information notification

Use Viber messages to send your customers order and delivery status updates. This way, your customers will receive order details after they’ve made a purchase. That way, customers know exactly when they can expect their package to arrive and even change the address.

Additionally, this is a great solution for parcel shipping companies to reduce their costs, for example, avoiding having to call the customer each time there is a shipment update. Now, they can send a notification directly to the customer’s phone.

This use case shows how to send shipping and delivery order notifications to customers. For best experience include a link where customers can change time, date, or the delivery address.

In this use case, we use Viber as a channel and SMS as a failover scenario. SMS will be sent in case the customer doesn’t have Viber installed as an application on their device. 

Process Workflow

Order details and delivery information notification process workflow


Before you start communicating with your customers over Viber, you must obtain and store their opt-ins.


Steps over API

  1. Log in to the Infobip API Resource hub and copy your base URL. Your personal base URL is: https://{{BASE_URL}}.api.infobip.com/


The personal BASE URL is a simple way to identify who sent out the API request. This means we can identify the request through DNS and then find the optimal route for API requests.

2. To create a request, use Postman or a similar API development tool, then choose the POST method.

3. Replace the endpoint with https://{{BASE_URL}}.api.infobip.com/omni/1/advanced.

4. Add the Authorization header. For example, Basic: Base64 encoded username and password. Learn more about Authentication on our Infobip API Resource hub.

5. Copy the scenarioKey you previously created. Learn more about Creating a scenario.

6. Using the JSON request example provided below, specify the destination phoneNumber you wish to send the notification to.

7. Enter the Viber text (include the link), imageURL, buttonText and buttonURL values.

8. Enter the SMS text value and provide the authorization link.

9. Send your message. If successful, the response header HTTP status code will be 200.

        "phoneNumber": "79123456789"
  "viber": {
  	"text": "Order #15034 is waiting to be picked-up at the shop address: White street 2 until 31.12.2020. To get the order - open link Example.com/QR or scan QR code at terminal",
    "imageURL": "infobip.com/image/example.png",
    "buttonText": "Get your order",
    "buttonURL": "http://www.infobip.com/",
    "isPromotional": true
  "sms": {
  	"text": "Order #15034 is waiting to be picked-up at the shop address: White street 2 until 31.12.2020. To get the order - open link Example.com/QR and scan QR code at terminal"

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