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Keep the App Users Updated and Engaged

MAM - Keep the App Users Updated and Engaged - high-level overview

News alerts and announcements sent via push notifications offer a great way of keeping the mobile application users engaged and returning to the application. Regardless of content of the sent notification, either a breaking news alert or favorite team scored a goal, the application users want to know it as soon as it is announced.

Our platform helps you to easily trigger push notifications based on the app users’ subscriptions and preferences to warm-up users’ activity.

This use case demonstrates an effective way to send push notifications containing news alerts via Infobip HTTP API.

MAM - Keep the App Users Updated and Engaged - process workflow


Setup over web interface

1. Log in to the Infobip web interface.

2. Click on the registered application you will use to send push notification and copy the Application code by clicking on it.

MAM - Keep the App Users Updated and Engaged - copy application code

Steps over API

1. Create an API request to send push notification to your app users based on the subscription. Use the copied application code instead of {{__APP CODE__}} parameter.

    "from": "{{__APP CODE__}},
    "to": {
        "$or": [
            {"basketball.Team1": "1"},
            {"basketball.Team2": "1"}
    "text": "What a dunk from the Team1 center-forward! Check it out!",
    "notificationOptions": {
        "title": "Dunk",
        "soundEnabled": true,
        "vibrationEnabled": true,
        "badge": 1,
        "contentUrl": "https://www.yoursite.com/images/image1.jpg"

Use custom payload with your notification to automatically open a page in your application with the news/announcement. More information on sending single push notifications. Please note that the custom payload associated with the notification must be processed by the mobile app logic.

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