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Loyalty Points Reminders and Status Notifications

WhatsApp use case - Loyalty Points Reminders and Status Notifications - high-level overview

Inquiries regarding loyalty points status are one of the most frequently asked questions. By sending notifications and reminders, you're keeping your customers satisfied and up-to-date with their loyalty points status and also giving them the opportunity to use their earned benefits.

In order to start communicating with your customers over WhatsApp, you must receive and store their opt-ins.

Process Workflow

WhatsApp use case - Loyalty Points Reminders and Status Notifications - process workflow

Implementation Steps

The loyalty_points notification is already approved by WhatsApp, as shown in the table below. Bear in mind that this specific template can be reused for different passengers adapting placeholders with other values.


For template registration, you need to provide template name, notification content and language info, after which Infobip sends the template to WhatsApp for approval. Once registered on WhatsApp platform, templates for your account get unique template namespace.

Template name





Hi {{1}},

thank you for shopping with us! With this purchase, you have earned {{2}} reward points. 

Your current loyalty program balance is now {{3}} points and you can use them by {{4}}.


Login to dev.infobip.com and copy your BASE URL:

  • e.g. Your personal base URL is: https://{{BASE_URL}}.api.infobip.com/

The personal BASE URL is a simple way to identify who sent out the API request. This means we can identify the request through DNS and then find the optimal route for API requests.

Send approved Message Template following the steps below:

  1. Choose POST method 
  2. Replace endpoint with https://{{BASE_URL}}.api.infobip.com/omni/1/advanced
  3. Add Authorization header, e.g. Basic: Base64 encoded username and password (more about Authorization methods on our API developer hub)
  4. Copy previously created scenarioKey

In case you have not created your scenario yet, check Creating scenario.

  • Specify the destination phoneNumber you wish to send the notification to
  • Replace templateName,,templateData and languagefields with registered ones (refer to table above). Field templateData contains real data for placeholders in the registered template.

      "templateData":["Tom","23", "179", "8-03-2020"

Template name, template data, and language are mandatory in order to successfully send the notification. Template data should contain the same number of elements as placeholders in the registered template. In case the template doesn’t contain any placeholders, templateData field should be an empty array “[ ]”.

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